REVIEW: Violet’s Force Field Punch and Dash’s Super Lemonade at the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo in Magic Kingdom

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The Incredible Tomorrowland Expo is in full swing at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a full-on Incredibles takeover of the futuristic land complete with photo ops, character encounters, and of course themed food. Previously we checked out the specialty burger and sundaes as well as the cookies and pretzels. This past weekend brought another cool treat to Tomorrowland: Violet’s Force Field Punch and Dash’s Super Lemonade.

Violet’s Force Field Punch – VitaminWater Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate with Blood Orange and Blueberry Bob-Balls – $6.99

Dash’s Super Lemonade – Minute Maid Lemonade with Hawaiian Island and Blueberry Boba Balls – $6.99

Which is which? We’d also love to know. The darker one is the punch, lighter is the lemonade. These drinks come out with dry ice in the bottom to give a bubbling and smoking effect, it’s really cool. Recently the Lamplight Lounge opened at Disney California Adventure’s new Pixar Pier and they have similar drinks (albeit with alcohol). You can check out that review here, but today we’re worried about these minimum-wage costing beverages. It’s difficult to justify $7 for a rather small drink, regardless how unique and cool it is. Maybe if the glass was branded with the Incredibles logo this would be a good value, but at the end of the drink you end up tossing it away.

Love the focus, really shows where the ketchup is. Anyway it’s not focused on purpose, but you can easily see the machines in the back that this Cast Member is using. They put the glasses on upside-down and the machine puts dry ice in the cup and then seals the bottom with a cover that stops it from escaping and burning your mouth. Genius, really, but it’s a rather expensive novelty which bumps-up the drink price too. The advertised yellow color of the lemonade wasn’t met, however. We’re still not sure why, quite honestly. We saw people walking away with multiple different color beverages, even an orange one, but upon asking about the coloration of the drink the Cast Members got very defensive and refused to remedy the situation. For such a unique and cool beverage that they WANT TO SELL they didn’t seem too bothered that both concoctions looked near identical. In the age of sharing everything you eat or drink on Instagram, this is unacceptable, especially at this price point. At least the lighter-color one tasted like lemonade, the other like fruit punch. Single notes, boba balls are a fun addition. If you end up with both congratulate yourself in spending nearly $15 for a few gulps of sugar. Your money is better spent literally anywhere else on drinks, you can get a cocktail at any of the resort bars for just a few bucks more. Not Recommended.


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Interesting that you describe the novelty, or the entire point of the drink, as “really cool” yet you would not recommend it.