REVIEW: Irresistible Cookies and Pretzels at the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo in Magic Kingdom

The Incredible Tomorrowland Expo at Magic Kingdom kicked-off last week with incredible entertainment, incredible decorations, and incredible food. We checked out the Super Stretchy Burger and Edna Mode Crepe Sundaes previously, and you can read about them here. There was still more to eat, so we headed back to check out the offerings at The Lunching Pad.

Jack-Jack Cookies – $3.99

Ordering these as “the cookie num nums” will prompt a weird look from the Cast Member working; quote the ‘Incredibles 2’ trailer at your own risk. Anyway, you get six silver dollar size cookies for $3.99. These were moist and really tasty, very similar to Chips Ahoy! Chewy but with a more homemade taste. While we can’t necessarily recommend $0.67/cookie they were good and a great alternative snack compared to a churro or pretzel.

Mrs. Incredible Pretzel Mask – served with Cheese Sauce – $5.69

We really enjoy Mickey Pretzels, so another cool shape is definitely already a win. Don’t be alarmed by the black on top, it’s not ants but rather a black sea salt. This pretzel was cooked perfectly, giving a great salty dough flavor in the middle. Plus, you get cheese sauce. Everything goes better with cheese sauce. Recommended, and it’ll give you a cool picture for Instagram.

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