The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios featuring Mary Poppins and Bert.

RUMOR: Mary Poppins Spinner Flat Ride Planned for Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion

Despite rumors of a dark ride being in development, it appears that a Mary Poppins flat ride will instead be the attraction getting added to Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion.

A flat ride, believed to be a spinner ala Dumbo the Flying Elephant (although we’re holding out for the Jolly Holiday scene’s carousel personally), is in the early stages of development for the World Showcase Pavilion. It is unknown exactly what the theme of the ride will be, but it seems unlikely that the UK Pavilion will be expanded in any way as was rumored with the addition of a full-blown ride through attraction for Mary Poppins. The ride would likely replace the garden and bandstand area towards the back of the existing pavilion. World Showplace would survive in these plans as it is a profitable venue used for many events, including Party for the Senses every year.

With the sequel to Mary Poppins being released in theaters later this year, Disney has a renewed interest in bringing a Mary Poppins ride to Walt Disney World. Mary Poppins formerly had its own scene in the now-closed Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This attraction would be part of the ongoing overhaul of Epcot, already set to include the Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster, a Ratatouille attraction, a seamless Circlevision film in the China Pavilion, a new nighttime lagoon show, and a reimagining of the park entrance and walkways around Future World.

Disney has yet to approve or announce these Mary Poppins plans, but will likely do so by or at the 2019 D23 Expo.

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  1. Man, this is disappointing in every possible way. That area in UK is so great and quiet, and to be replaced by a flat ride, sigh…

    Now, I may be dense, but does a carousel count as a flat ride? I can’t picture something flying like Dumbo, but a well executed carousel, maybe.

    I’m still holding out hope for the Jolly Holiday attraction, no matter how little hope there may be. That said, I appreciate the update.

  2. I think that Mary Poppins ride will be awesome for United Kingdom at Epcot . I can’t wait for more information at D23 expo Next Year!

  3. According to “Walt Dated World”, Mary Poppins was going to be one of the dark rides for Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, along with a Headless Horseman attraction and one centered around Sleeping Beauty.

    1. Was disappointing when they removed Pooh and Tigger from UK, where you could take pictures in Christopher Robin’s room/playroom. If they want to improve the world showcase, or spread people out in Epcot, give the character Meet and Greets some Fast Pass queues. Unless you dedicate a morning to walking the Showcase, there are some characters you won’t meet for an autograph anywhere else, short of parties/restaurants.

  4. A beautiful, well themed carousel that fits with the period and the surrounding area would be acceptable.
    A Dumbo or Flying Carpets type ride, or worse, another iteration of the Mater/Alien spinner would totally ruin that area.
    Hopefully someone with some common sense is working this one….

    1. I agree. A vintage-style carousel would fit nicely. The Dumbo-type ride would ruin the area. While a dark ride would be ideal, doing nothing would be better than adding a Dumbo-type ride.

  5. We’re losing a beautiful garden with seating and photo ops for another dumbo ride when WDW already has 3 of them?

    1. More like 5:

      2 Dumbos in storybook circus, the rockets in Tomorrowland, the flying carpets in Adventureland, and the ride in Dino land at animal kingdom. I think they must have got a bulk discount on these things!

  6. No. Just no. That is ridiculous. I LOVE Mary Poppins (and am hoping for a Mary Poppins magic band) but no. We do not need a Mary Poppins ride at EPCOT. Plus: we don’t need another Dumbo/Flying Carpet/Flying dino ride in the parks period.

  7. All this sounds good. I really hope they move those ugly slabs with the pictures on them. They really detract from the entrance

  8. Good news bad new I guess. The oodnews is that any attration added to the EPCOT nations is welcome. The bad news it taking out a lovely area and putting in a lame ride. Lame and in VERY VERY lame. Disney for goodness ske, yo can do so much better.

  9. No reason to believe it will be lame. We don’t have any more information than what is in the article. It might be charming.

  10. You guys are amazing! All I hear are people complaining on this website that there are not enough rides at Disney and all they are adding are restaurants to take more of our money and yet when they want to add a ride, everybody complains.

    How about we wait to actually hear what the ride will be before everyone cries about it. For me that space, while pretty, was useless. The ride will give me more time to drink my beer while the kids are waiting on line. England and Canada are two of the better beer countries (along with Germany) so I prefer to have more time to linger in that area. :)

    I do miss Pooh and Tigger.

  11. This would be a profound failure. A truly bad decision. Mary Poppins deserves a full blown ridethru attraction. If it’s a budget issues, wait a few years to build it.

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