Star Wars - A Galaxy Far, Far Away Show at Hollywood Studios Closing for 2 Weeks in September

“Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” Stage Show Going Dark for 5 Weeks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be going dark for 5 weeks due to concrete work.

Starting after September 29th, 2018, the show will be dark over a 5 week period, returning in November.

      1. Any idea when we will know?? I need to plan my days around fastpasses within a few days and would like to know if it will only be available on the weekends or every day, etc…

  1. Oops…misread the story. Thought this was about the nighttime show, but it’s a stage show. I guess I’d have been sad about missing this if I had even realized it was a thing before just now.

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