PHOTOS: Universe of Energy Sign Removed, Pavilion Gutted and Ripped Open for Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster at Epcot

The interior carnage is now visible at the former Universe of Energy at Epcot as Walt Disney Imagineering transforms the pavilion into a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster ride.

Not only was the famous marquee removed, but the front-facing facade of the building has been ripped wide open, allowing us to see all the way through the currently gutted building.

The original Universe of Energy building will be used for queue, the loading area and first scenes of the new roller coaster, and the large gift shop for the attraction opening in 2021. The rest of the roller coaster ride will take place in a brand new gravity building.

Thanks to @NeilPilarski on twitter for sharing these pics with us!

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  1. “opening in 2021”! Why are all of these construction projects taking so long to complete? Star Wars land should have been completed by now, and this crummy ride should take no longer than an additional year to finish. This is outrageous and unacceptable. Has anyone here traversed the parking lot area of Hollywood Studios? How can Disney, in good conscience allow these construction projects to stagnate and create dangerous and treacherous conditions for innocent families and the aged? Every time my partner and I travel to Universal, we always observe the construction workers diligently and safely completing their projects in a reasonable amount of time. The construction workers at Universal are always friendly and take little to no time off in order to get the hotels and attractions they are working on up and running. Now contrast that with what my partner and I observe at WDW construction sites. The construction workers are generally surly, slovenly in appearance, and lazy. The work ethic that WDW instills is almost nonexistent.

    1. It’s likely because Disney low bids their contractors, and then is a way too picky and demanding of them, often making them re-do things for very minor issues. I know someone who did work for WDW and they about went under because of Disney.

  2. I wish Disney would learn what I have over the years. If I tell my kids about a surprise or a vacation too early, they lose their excitement for it. They shouldn’t have made an announcement or put out any hints until next year at least.

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