Hollywood Boulevard in Disney's Hollywood Studios today. Used with permission.

Uniquely Disney: Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When you take a step into Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, you take a step back in time, to the golden age of Hollywood and the vintage glamour of the silver screen stars. The beauty and charm of this gilded age is wonderfully re-created in this area of the park through the design, architecture, and the finishing touches all carefully crafted to bring you to another time, and another place – to the Hollywood that never was, and always will be. Let’s take a closer look at the details of Disney’s Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, and my top 3 details!


  1. Boulevard Billboards

As you enter the park and stroll up Hollywood Boulevard and make the turn onto Sunset, everything about these two roadways creates the feeling that you are walking along the streets of old Hollywood, from the art deco architecture and vintage neon signs to old traffic signals. But of course the subtle details are my favourites, and my first top Boulevard detail is: the billboard advertisements!

These Disney replications are meant to be no different than a real-world thoroughfare, shop fronts, traffic signals, and all- and that includes local advertisements! Perched above the period buildings and blazing neon signs are several advertisement billboards dotting the streets. These billboards feature the local ‘businesses’, such as gas stations, clubs, and the Sunset Ranch Market! A perfect real-world touch!

Billboard advertisement at the Hollywood Studios
Billboard advertisement for Sunset Ranch Market


  1. Rosie’s Victory Garden

As you continue along your journey through old Hollywood and make your way up Sunset Boulevard you will come across the quick service food stops ‘Sunset Ranch Market’ and ‘Rosie’s All-American Cafe’. Rosie is based off that wartime icon Rosie the Riveter, and her cafe is just as patriotic as the woman herself. This stop is the image of patriotic pride and troop support, and is full of wartime memorabilia, from signs, to little soldier toys, to a gas mask scarecrow. But my favourite little detail at Rosie’s, and my second detail in this Hollywood Studios area, is Rosie’s Victory Garden! It’s a little touch, and if you’re in a hurry you may not see it, but keep an eye out- sitting to the right of the ordering counter is a patch of garden, growing produce such as peppers and beans. This garden adds another authentic little touch to the area, as it is modeled after actual wartime ‘victory gardens’ which were planted by civilians at the urging of the government in order to boost food rations. This addition really brings a thread of authenticity and layer of history to this park area!

Victory Garden gas mask scarecrow


  1. Carthay Circle Theatre

Once you have had a bite to eat at Rosie’s be sure to cross the street to view our third Boulevard detail- the Carthay Circle Theater! This tower-like storefront, it’s name emblazoned in both neon and intricate iron above a classic marquee, fits right into Sunset Boulevard, which is no surprise- the Carthay Circle Theater was a real Hollywood icon.

The Disney connection for this location goes all the way back to the company’s roots: the original Carthay Circle was home to the premiere of Disney’s Snow White! Every building has a story- even a little shop in Hollywood Studios!

Be sure to peek inside where the story continues, with Snow White touches and scaled down versions of the theatre’s architecture and design. It’s details and locations like these that remind you to take a closer look at everything you pass by in a Disney park!

Carthay Circle Theater, home to the Once Upon A Time shop

That concludes our top 3 Disney details in the Studios’ Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards! Be sure to take your own trip back to the golden years of Hollywood and take a peek around for these details and tons more. Be sure to list your favourites below!

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