BREAKING: Full Attraction, Restaurant, & Store Lineup Revealed for MARVEL Super Hero Land at Disneyland Resort

While construction has already begun on a MARVEL Super Hero themed land at Disney California Adventure, details have been scarce on exactly what will be located in this land come 2020. As Disney stated, 2020 will bring about phase 1 of the land, with a planned 2nd phase following a year or two later. If there are plans beyond these two phases, they aren’t green-lit just yet and it’s unclear exactly where further attractions and such will go (although the removal of more of Hollywood Land seems likely). Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and focus on what’s already in the works…

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Where the marquee for “A Bug’s Land” once stood, guests will enter under a new marquee to begin the long walk down to the Marvel Super Hero themed-land at Disney California Adventure.

As guests enter through the former Bountiful Valley Farm area, they’ll pass under a marquee and walk down a long passage between Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in cars Land and the former “it’s tough to be a bug” Theater. 

The former “it’s tough to be a bug” Theater building is being repurposed for the new Spider-Man attraction where guests are given a web-shooter of their own to use. The ride appears to be mostly screen-based (likely 3D in nature), so think Toy Story Midway Mania, but with guests shooting webs instead of darts, balls, and rings. The entrance to the building will be rerouted to the opposite side of so it can be accessed from the hub of this new land. The central hub is a large Avengers symbol in the ground that is surrounded by all of the land’s offerings. Think of this as The Avengers’ California Campus.

The Spider-Man queue is attached to the former “tissue box” restrooms of A Bug’s Land, which will be remodeled and kept for the new area.

Nearby, Doctor Strange has his own show experience where guests will meet the Avenger in a round courtyard. We expect this to be similar to an offering currently on the Disney Cruise Line.

If you’re hungry, there are some dining options nearby. There is a counter service restaurant and microbrewery in the plans. Who do you theme a microbrewery to? Well, Ant-Man of course. This explains the giant canned beverage that appears on the poster. This can will be located on the second level of the building.

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The giant canned beverage sits on top of the Ant-Man microbrewery.

While we’re looking at the poster, it’s worth noting that what you see is what you will get. While not absolutely true to life, this will pretty much be the view guests will have down the main thoroughfare of the Marvel land heading towards Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout.


The Quinjet is located in front of the Phase 2 offering (not flying like in the poster), a truly massive Avengers E-Ticket attraction that is expected to be a roller coaster. As for story elements or anything beyond that, details are scarce at this point. All we know is that it is HUGE in scale.

This is concept art for the Hong Kong Disneyland Marvel area, but the boxy Avengers building on the left should house the very same roller coaster being built at Disney California Adventure.

As for shopping opportunities, a large shop sits near the second phase Avengers ride, with a smaller shop located across from the Spider-Man attraction.

You’ll be happy to know that Phase 1 and 2 do not touch the Red Car Trolley attraction that runs from Mission Breakout down to Buena Vista Street, so that will be sticking around. 

All of this information has been confirmed by internal documents at this point, so none of the above is much of a rumor. Certainly, thematic elements could change, but the overall plan mapped out above is what you will see rolling out in phases at Disney California Adventure starting in 2020.

So, who’s ready to suit up?

17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Full Attraction, Restaurant, & Store Lineup Revealed for MARVEL Super Hero Land at Disneyland Resort”

  1. I thought they were going with a webslinging ride for Spiderman. Wouldn’t this ride be too much like Midway Mania, which is in the same park?

  2. We all know phase 2 won’t happen because crowds will flock to see the spiderman video game and gift shop and Disney will decide that’s good enough.

  3. Makes me wonder what truly amazing home-grown attractions we could have seen had Disney not bought this IP, and thus feel the need to shoe-horn Universal into DCA. A 3-d “shooter” ride? The relatively small size of the existing Bugs theater and surrounding queue space leads me to believe we’re getting little more than another Midway Mania. Heck, the small size of the area as a whole doesn’t lend to much opportunity here. Maybe the coaster will be good, but at it’s core, it’s still a roller coaster, just like any other major park. How DCA could use a uniquely Disney, themed boat ride or something. A nice, long, high capacity attraction, done in the classic style of Imagineering with timelessness that keeps guests coming back decade after decade. But not these days. IPs, shooters, and roller coasters are the thing. And while the masses keep jamming the California parks, why build anything different?

  4. “Boo hoo, movie tie ins, Walt would be rolling over in his grave!” Yes, especially seeing as he made a movie tie in as the focal point of two of his parks.

    • Totally agree. I understand that some of this stuff sounds underwhelming, but complaining about it just because it’s ip based is kinda unfair- like you said, Disneyland had multiple rides based off Walt’s films upon opening. Also, we can’t forget that Bugs Land was a kiddie land, so it would only make sense to have at least one ride like that in the area. It doesn’t make sense that they chose Spider-Man for that though, haha.

  5. I’m not happy about the ride clone, but it’s still better than what they had. This park needs something to counteract Star Wars Land, if even a little bit.

    I still don’t get why they put Star Wars Land in DL, the most popular and overcrowded of the two parks.

    P.S. There’s a reason I didn’t call it Galaxy’s Edge, because that name sucks. On my deathbed I won’t use the name.

  6. Where are these “internal documents” if it was real show us a pic. Disney hasn’t confirmed anything. This could be fake.

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