Disney Looking To Reboot “The Pirates Of The Caribbean” Franchise

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It looks like Disney is about to reboot the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” with some new blood, that new blood being in the form of writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Reese and Wernick have had some success as of late with being lead writers for the Deadpool and Zombieland movies.

Will Johnny Depp return as Captain Jack Sparrow? Depp’s performance as Jack Sparrow is kind of a tough act to follow, but maybe that is what the franchise needs. I guess we’ll find out, hopefully, in the near future.

From Deadline:

Disney is exploring a reboot of its billion dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The studio has met with the writing team of Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and they are in early talks to write the script. Reese & Wernick are the writers behind the first two Deadpool blockbusters, and before that wrote Zombieland and its sequel, and 6 Underground, the action film that Michael Bay is directing for Netflix with Ryan Reynolds starring.
Jerry Bruckheimer will continue to captain the ship as producer on Pirates of the Caribbean, but at this point it is too early to say who else might be back and that includes Johnny Depp, who has channeled Rolling Stones’ rogue Keith Richard in playing Jack Sparrow through the first five films. It is not surprising the studio will try to breathe new pirate life into the franchise, as the first five films grossed north of $4.5 billion over 14 years.

Source: Deadline

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  • Pirates needs new characters. Jack Sparrow is a clown. He’s memorable, but played out. Time to move on.

  • Really? Sometimes it is asking Snoop Dogg the re-invent Beethoven, never mess with perfection. I have no problem introducing new stories with new characters but don’t mess with perfection.

  • Please Disney. Just don’t. You keep making crappy quick films for money instead of making an impact or memory anymore. Just like WDW parks. You need to invest in creating experiences, not just a quick cheap buck.

  • I hope they don’t do this or at least keep Johnny Depp. Sure, not all of the POTC movies have been very good overall but Jack Sparrow is classic and can’t be replaced. At least wait another decade before trying a reboot.

  • Just think how creative the entire PotC team has been. They took a dark boat ride in a theme park and turned it into a Billion Dollar franchise making many people rich in the process.

    And I thought it was creative to add cheese in scrambled eggs!

    • I’ll agree it’s made billions of dollars. I won’t agree that past the first one that any POTC movies have been creative. Just money factories from the sheep.

  • Didn’t they already try that with On Stranger Tides? Didn’t think it took very well…. A little early to reboot I would think.

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