Disney & Fox Deal To Be Finalized On New Year’s Day 2019

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According to 21st Century Fox president Peter Rice, Disney’s acquisition of his company will be ready to close the first of January 2019. Rice spoke to staffers in a town-hall meeting on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, taking questions about the transition when he mentioned the date.

In the meeting, Rice also mentioned that the merger will lead to employee layoffs, but that he believed those who would move to Disney would find a creative home that has a history of absorbing organizations in the past, including Marvel and Lucasfilm.

Rice also commented that Disney was the only media conglomerate founded by an artist rather than a telephone or cable company – making a clear distinction between the House of Mouse and Comcast -it’s rival in the Fox acquisition.

Source: Variety

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I wonder what this means for Fox Marvel properties in development like X Force and Gambit