Halloween Mummy Donut (picture by Instagram account @peggsdodisney)

Halloween Mummy Donut Arrives At Disneyland


Halloween Mummy Donut (picture by Instagram account @peggsdodisney)

If you have ever had a donut at Disneyland Park then you know how delicious and photogenic they can be. Disneyland donuts have received a Halloween season upgrade with the release of the Halloween Mummy Donut. The Halloween Mummy Donut arrives just in time to enjoy over the course of the final nine days of the Halloween season at Disneyland Park.

The Halloween Mummy Donut is available at the Coffee kiosk  near Sleeping Beauty Castle and the main hub at the end of Main Street. You can pick up the donut for $6.00 in the morning when Disneyland Park opens (check your Disneyland app for official Park opening times daily).

This donut is a bar styled donut (like a maple bar) and comes topped with chocolate glaze, graham cracker crumbs, pretzel bits, and a torched meringue fluff. If you have had the Pineapple Donut then you know firsthand how delicious the torched meringue fluff can be on top of a donut!

The donuts are very popular and typically sell out of the morning batch early in the Park day (though some days are quicker than others). Never fear though if you aren’t a morning person. Disneyland typically brings a new batch to the Coffee Near Central Plaza kiosk in the late afternoon around 5 p.m. We have seen them come earlier than that, but typically right around 5 p.m. is when they refresh the supply of donuts at the kiosk.

Hurry on in to Disneyland Park before the Halloween season goes away until next year! Who has tried the Halloween Mummy Donut? What did you think of it? What do you think of Disneyland donuts? Comment below!


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