REVIEW: New Centertown Market Breakfast (Coconut Waffles, Create-Your-Own-Bowl) at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Centertown Market at Disney’s Caribbean Beach recently opened with the resort’s new Old Port Royal area, bringing with it breakfast and dinner service. That’s right, the main counter service at the resort hotel isn’t doing lunch. That’s okay though, because Spyglass Grill is open for lunch and is still amazing (their breakfast is well-worth a visit as well). Anyway, breakfast is offered at Centertown Market from 6:30am-11:30am each day and we decided to head over one morning to check it out.

Let’s start with the ordering process. They have already turned off the ability to Mobile Order through the MyDisneyExperience app, and that’s not because they aren’t busy. I waited quite a bit to order. Being a newer establishment, they will bring you the food thanks to a tracking pager you place on the table after you have ordered and paid.

Another plus is the real silverware. I know this has been a trend for a while, but I enjoy not eating with plastic cutlery, or on a paper plate for that matter. OK, let’s get to the food. To see the full breakfast menu, please check out our previous post.

Coconut Waffles ($8.79)

House-made Coconut Waffles topped with Strawberry, Mango, Mint, Shredded Coconut, Chantilly Cream and Passion Fruit Sauce

If you don’t like syrup, there’s enough going on in these waffles to make them worth a try. Obviously, the waffles themselves have a coconut flavor, but the fruit and sauce beyond that compliment everything nicely. It’s a shame they advertise the Chantilly Cream, because there wasn’t even enough to cover one waffle. It adds some sweetness if you desire, but the small portion leaves you with two cups of syrup to use otherwise. I almost think these work better without a healthy pour of the sweet topping, but it may just depend on your taste. Either way, these are a solid option.

Create-Your-Own Breakfast Bowl ($9.49)

Choose a Base, a Protein, Cage-free Eggs and Sauce to create a treasured breakfast bowl.

For the Create-Your-Own Breakfast Bowl, guests choose a protein (bacon, rotisserie beef, plant-based sausage, or chorizo), a base (home fries or red beans & brown rice), and then an egg (scrambled , poached, or plant-based scrambled). In this case, I ordered chorizo, home fries, and poached egg. Each bowl is served with salsa verde and pico de gallo, neither of which is advertised online, so buyer beware if those aren’t your thing. Chorizo and poached egg is a glorious combination, especially when you break the yolk over the patty. The chorizo patties here are solid, packing a lot of flavor. The salsa verde and pico de gallo did spice up the usual home fries that we’ve come to expect from counter service breakfast over the years, rounding out this strong dish. These bowls are a great value for the price and a good way to start a long park day.

Overall I was impressed with breakfast at Centertown Market, but Spyglass Grill is still the breakfast to beat here at Caribbean Beach. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong though.

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