PHOTOS: New “Old Port Royale” Check-In Area, Calypso Trading Post and Centertown Market Open at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

After over a year of work, today marked the reopening of Old Port Royale at Disney’s Caribbean Resort, completely reinvented to forever change the resort experience  at this now 30 year old hotel.

We’re thankful that the classic logo has remained and was just freshened up a bit. This is the new car entrance on Victory Way that opened today. The other entrance/exit is now closed.

Old Port Royale is now a one-stop-shop for the resort, offering the front desk, store, and counter & table service dining options.

There are some areas where you can still see and feel the old building layout, like here where I instantly remembered the ad for Shutters that was on the left wall as you entered.

Inside is very different. This now feels like a more common Disney resort experience with a lively lobby area.

To the left when you enter is the check-in area, to the right is the Calypso Trading Post and Centertown Market. In the middle is an abundance of seating.

Some new Resort items released today.

Centertwon Market is a greatly expanded counter service option with TONS fo indoor and outdoor seating.

There’s also a small to-go shop just to the side of the ordering area.

This occupies the former counter service area, as well as the former Shutters sit-down restaurant.

It may be repainted, but it still looks like Shutters in here. That’s not a bad thing.

There are several pick-up windows for after you have ordered food. This bay serves dine-in guests.

This bay serves take out and mobile order guests.

Now we head back into the main lobby.

I really like these tables near the check-in area that feature plenty of outlets and USB ports for charging.

Heading outside, we still have that classic Caribbean Beach Resort feel, but everything feels like a new hotel. This is how every Resort update should be.

The former exterior entrance to Shutters is now just a doorway to restrooms and Centertown Market.

Outside on the waterfront, guests will find Sebastian’s Bistro and Banana Cabana.

Sebastian’s Bistro wasn’t open yet, but we’ll be heading there for both lunch and dinner later today.

In case you don’t remember what this all used to look like, please take our video tour of Old Port Royale before this overhaul:

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  1. Thanks for the great pics. We stayed at Car. Beach a few years ago. It is serene and wonderful. Now I want to go back!

  2. We were there in July and they had a special buffet that counted as a fast service meal, do you know if that is still the case with the remodel done? I called and they said the buffet was still there but am looking for confirmation as I have reservations in January and if that isn’t the case I may need to think about my meals a different way.

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