VIDEO: Dad Builds Haunted Mansion Ride Replica in Garage, Wins at Halloween

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Here at WDWNT, we’re ride aficionados and Halloween freaks. We especially love anything and everything related to The Haunted Mansion. So when we heard that Dan Schmidt, a Wisconsin dad who’s also a design director at Great Wolf Lodge, built a replica of the beloved ride in his garage, we had to check it out.

Here’s the most recent ride compilation from his YouTube channel:

It’s an amazing feat of garage engineering, complete with plywood track, a PVC pop-up ghost, and even lenticular portraits of his kids framed throughout the ride.

Here are some other clips from Dan’s YouTube channel showing the ride in its earlier test stages:

You can see the panels that ultimately lined his mansion’s walls in the background.

The ride track progresses, here complete with a load zone!

As promised, here’s that pop-up PVC ghost we mentioned earlier.

Just when we thought the Halloween hype was dying down, this came to rescue our hopes for the spookiest, most epic Halloween ever.

Thanks to WESH for bringing our attention to this fascinating, personalized take on a classic attraction.

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This is Awesome!!!

Gives me some wonderfully frightful ideas!