MuppetVision 3-D Now Operating with Reduced Hours Daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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If you’re looking to catch MuppetVision 3-D on your next visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be advised that it is now no longer open the entire operating day of the park.

As of now, guests can only experience MuppetVision 3-D from 10am to 6pm daily. It is unclear how long these new hours will last, but they are already scheduled through at least April 22nd, 2019.

It is worth noting that the nearby PizzeRizzo restaurant is currently closed and will not reopen until sometime in 2019.

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  • Sadly Disney has so mishandled the Muppet IP in the parks and otherwise, and when it doesn’t generate the level of interest of other attractions, cuts it even further!

  • I wonder why they bothered to save it when land was demolished for Star Wars Land. Muppets had to go a long time ago. Dump it. Not too late to make it Star Wars Land phase 2 or maybe it will become the rumored Indiana Jones Land.

  • Did you say cheap 3D tricks?
    I am a big fan of MuppetVision 3-D.
    Is this perhaps related to upcoming Galaxy’s Edge work? I would think they would have changed up the menu at PizzaRizzo as soon as guest feedback indicated it was subpar.
    When GE is complete, that area may be subject to greater traffic and I suspect the Mouse House has a plan to capitalize on it.

    • My wife and I are big fans of MuppetVision 3-D, too. It has silliness, warmth, and humor that we seldom get a chance to see anywhere, and it adds a different dimension to Disney World. Please don’t take that away. We need more of it.

  • Disgusting. The parks are WAY too small and few attractions for the huge crowds they’re smashing in, and the cast members are fewer and farther between. To also cut the very few attractions they have left over is another slap in the face to guests. They really do have enough demand from cutting their own supply not to care though. And it shows.

    • So why haven’t you moved on with your life? Why are you still reading a news site dedicated to something you seem to detest?

  • I have a feeling this is just a product of all the construction going on around that area and the park in general. Maybe they will update the attraction at some point, but I don’t think this will be the start of a “closure” process. If so, it will be a stupid mistake!

  • I was just there last week and commented on how much nicer and open the area looked with the streets of america facade gone. I this is just because of the construction. I love the Muppets but would like to see an updated show.

  • Disney is showing the Muppets less and less respect each year. They should be making this section more Muppety, not taking things away. I still think they should have made Grand Avenue a part of Muppet Courtyard or even better Muppetland.

  • Disney HAS been trying to make the Muppets happen, with two movies and a TV show, but the public hasn’t really been warming up, maybe that’s why. Maybe not as many people like the Muppets anymore.

    • The reason people don’t like the recent TV shows and movies is because they stink. Make a quality product and we’ll watch. I still think that the Muppets still have a great following. I just think they are better suited to a show like Saturday Night Live.

      All they need to do with Muppet Courtyard is add a new 3d movie and another attraction (like the once proposed “The Great Muppet Movie” Ride). And of course change Mama Melrose to a Muppet character (like Miss Piggy or Swedish Chef).

    • I don’t think Disney understands the characters that were created by the previous generation …the writing that Jerry juhl did for these characters was magical and has yet to be duplicated by anyone in recent years. I think that’s why no one’s warming up to the characters in their new settings… my opinion for what it’s worth

  • Disney…don’t take that frog away. He is the ONLY reason I go to that park…the only reason. You were given an American icon to preserve so preserve him and all his friends.😔

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