PHOTOS, VIDEO: World of Disney is Finally Complete at Disney Springs, Grand Opening Today

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Today, October 27th, marks the big “Grand Opening” of the remodeled World of Disney Store at Disney Springs. After many, many months of work being done in phases, the finished product opened to guests this morning.

The store is light on details, but there are a few neat effects and little details. Overall it’s an easier shopping experience and you’ll enjoy it if you aren’t looking to have much theme or magic involved in your Disney Springs trip.

Here’s a video tour of the completed store to give you a better idea:

So, what do you think of the new World of Disney at Disney Springs?

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      • I appreciate Disney immersion.
        But the previous World of Disney was cluttered, chaotic & borderline sloppy immersion.
        This is a huge improvement.

      • Maybe some of us still think this is immersion and the last iteration was just tacky and cheesy. No accounting for taste I guess.

      • Doesn’t matter the blog comments or the forum (I never participate in them with this comment being the one exception because I’m so tiredness of seeing it) it’s always miserable negative replies. Seriously why these people reading a blog about Disney if all these people feel is it is commercialized or “a name on the door.” Disney is what you make it and it’s what you feel. If you look for the magic of Disney you will find it. If you are looking for everything to justify being a vicitim of everything, you will find that too. Some people think life is all about people taking advantage of them. Change your feelings change your life. Thanks for the post Tom. Definitely will not make the mistake again of scrolling too far to see the miserable comments.

        • People can LOVE something and ALSO, NOT like what is happening.

          Intelligent people cannot walk around and NOT see the changes.

          The heart that feels, will instinctively feel the differences.

          If you care about something being destroyed, you speak out when the discussion is opened.

          This is why you hear people say things which you categorize as “miserable negative replies”.

          People have eyes to see and feel powerless to stop the destruction.

  • I liked the old store better. It was definitely too cluttered, which could’ve been an easy fix. This is just too plain compared to the old version. Nothing fun about this. I agree with you Tom, you go to Disney to be immersed.

  • Like the recently announced river country hotel, the cancelled disneyland hotel, riviera, removal of theming at coronado springs, and most of disney springs, this lacks theming and detail. For some reason Disney thinks we want to visit office parks.

  • It wasn’t completely open yet when i was there two weeks ago.
    but I liked what I saw. I do miss the Disney elements that used to be there but the old store was way to cluttered and when it was busy it was impossible to walk through.
    The new design is more open and was much easier to navigate when busy. Even with a double stroller.

  • I was there shortly before the last part opened and I was underwhelmed. Yes it was less cluttered but it also felt like a Kohl’s with Disney merchandise. I wish they would have built a new building perhaps where the NBA mistake, errr, experience is going on order to get more or improved space. Then put the NBA at this location…. Or not at all in lieu of a new adventures club…I can dream. Anyway. It’s nicer than it was but not better in my opinion

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