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PinQuest Begins Today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pin collectors rejoice! PinQuest is making its long-awaited return to Walt Disney World on October 18th, this time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! For those of you unfamiliar with PinQuest, it’s essentially a scavenger hunt throughout the park. You buy a starter pack, or in this case an “adventure kit,” and use a variety of clue cards, pins, and decoder medals to explore the park! When you redeem the clue for a pin, the pin is then used to direct you to your next location. (You also get an exclusive map to help you find these locations.) Once you complete the set, you’re eligible to purchase a QuestEAR pin completer pin, and in this newest set, it’s Mickey in his safari best!

PinQuest MK 2016
These were the instructions available at registers for the Magic Kingdom PinQuest series back in 2016, hence the castle.
Pinquest map
This is the map you will use to guide your adventures through the park!
Adventure Kit – $14.99

Your adventure kit includes a map (featured above), a lanyard, a Decoder Medal to guide you to your next location, and a pouch for your map and clue cards.

There are six clue cards, which you redeem for each pin. They’re priced at $9.99 each, with the completer pin priced at $4.99.

DAK PinQuest

The bronze pins feature Russell from Up, Baloo, a Pandora Banshee, Pluto, the infamous Yeti, Simba, and Safari Mickey.

All in all, you’d be paying about $80.00 (without discount, plus tax) to complete the entire quest, but you are getting seven pins, a lanyard, a lanyard medal, and all of the paper pieces that you keep when it is all over.

This is a great activity for solo parkgoers and even families to complete while at Animal Kingdom, especially if you’ve already done other scavenger hunt-style activities like Wilderness Explorers. You also get a great set of souvenirs to keep (or trade) long after your trip is over.

What do you think of this pin activity? Will you go on your own PinQuest next time you’re at DAK?

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