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Redd from Pirates of the Caribbean Funko Pop Coming to Disney Parks

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Disney Parks will be welcoming a new member to the Funko Pop! family later on this October: Redd from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Redd is the recast Redhead character in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that debuted earlier this year at Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom to mixed reviews.

  1. I love Funko Pops and I love Disney, but I’m gonna pass on this one. There’s just so many better characters they could’ve done. Heck there’s tons of characters from the same ride I’d rather have tbh. I suppose I’m biased because I am not a fan of the refurbishment to Pirates that she was added it but I’m still gonna pass

  2. As a feminist Disney fan (is that an oxymoron?) I feel obligated to purchase this small piece of plastic.

  3. I really hope they do one for Space Mountain with the 3 astronauts in the rocket vehicle. Itd look awesome next to the vintage ride poster like the Doom Buggy and Haunted Mansion poster

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