REVIEW: New Pumpkin-Filled Churro at Magic Kingdom Is Worst Churro We’ve Ever Had

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Just steps away from the entrance of Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom, guests will find a churro cart that is home to the only specialty churro Disney offers on the east coast.

Disneyland offers a pumpkin spice churro, but the Magic Kingdom has the Pumpkin-Filled Churro.

Pumpkin-Filled Churro ($6.25)

The pumpkin-filled churro is exactly what is sounds like, a churro filled with a pumpkin flavored cream. Let’s preface this review by stating the obvious, Walt Disney World doesn’t have good churros. However, the result here is far below even the stalest offering you may find at a forgotten cart in one of the 4 theme parks.

First off, the churro manages to be both soggy and too hard at the same time. The interior cream (which doesn’t taste enough like pumpkin to warrant the name) has soaked thoroughly into the churro, but the last layer of the exterior has hardened like it is experiencing rigamortis.

Imagine the worst fall flavored treat you’ve ever had. Now imagine it 3 months past its expiration date. That is this churro. Avoid it at all costs.

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  • Couldn’t agree more. We bought one and after one bite returned it for another because we thought it was stale. The second was just as bad, though! Ended up trading it in for a (slightly less disappointing) regular churro.

  • Serves you right; you should have stuck with the 4.99 jelly donut, or the 5.99 specialty cupcake…

    The fact that this Churro was only 6.25 should have been a clue, because recent postings on this sight reported Churros were now $7.25…

    Perhaps when they change the pricing sign they will change out the stale Churros with fresh ones.

    On a serious note, Churros are very hard to maintain as fresh; they get hard on the out side fast, and the filling would just be mush in a hard shell.

    They are very good when made to order, but that is simply not possible without huge volume, and a baking set up.

    Typically Disney foods are very good and fresh; the expansion of outdoor food carts seems to fill the void for folks who can no longer afford other food options, and this kind of thing harms the overall experience for Guests who once enjoyed something good to eat when visiting.

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