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Epcot United Kingdom Pavilion Cottage
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Taking the Fantasy of Living at Disney to the Next Level

A charming cottage in Epcot’s UK pavilion, but likely not on the market.

If you could live anywhere in any Disney park, where would you live and why? It’s a question we’ve often seen posted in Disney Facebook groups and we’re always surprised to see such responses as: “On the bench in front of the castle,” or, “Anywhere on Main Street.” Which always begs the question: Why would you choose a bench when you could live in the actual castle? In the realm of fantasy, which is our preferred realm when thinking about Disney, why not go for something a little more upscale? There’s nothing wrong with a bench in a good location, it just doesn’t sound very comfortable—or weatherproof!

So, we’ve taken the fantasy of living anywhere in any Disney park to the next level and gone in search of our perfect home in each of the parks we visit. Like a couple of house hunters, we scout locations in our preferred neighborhoods (or lands), in search of that perfect place that will satisfy all—or most—of our needs. In the end, we have a place we’ve chosen together, that we lovingly call our own, and that we can share in our heart and mind when we’re not physically at Disney. This is our way of never leaving!

What are you looking for in your Disney home?

This is what your Disney real estate agent would be asking before anything else, so it’s the question we asked ourselves: what would check all our Disney home boxes?

Start with, a balcony is paramount: the thought of enjoying a couple of cocktails on our Disney balcony, watching the people and raising a glass to those who look up, would be perfection—to us—and it’s one of our favorite pastimes when we’re staying at a Disney resort, such as Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk Inn or the Disneyland Resort’s Grand Californian.

Epcot China Pavilion Apartments
Epcot’s China pavilion has no shortage of balconies.
Epcot China Pavilion
Despite the many balcony possibilities, the lack of “curb appeal” can be a deterrent. Nevertheless, the location offers convenient access to the nearby shops, galleries, and the lively night life.

Next is location. Where do we want our balcony to be in each Disney park? This one is tough, just like in real life. We want a nice view, of course, but that can mean different things at different parks. Do we want a heavily trafficked area, or something a little off the beaten path? Is a water view preferable to a city view? And what about light? Watching the sunset on our balcony would be ideal, but so would a view of fireworks, and we may have to choose one over the other.

Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland Flat
Nestled in the foothills of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and across the street from the Little Mermaid’s Undersea Adventure, this little gem in the Magic Kingdom is big on charm and in one of the more quiet neighborhoods in Fantasyland.

Just like in real life, you start out believing you can get everything you want. Then you learn the meaning of compromise. The perfect location may not come with a balcony; a great balcony might not have the view you were hoping for; the ideal view might not be in a location you love—or have a balcony. So this is the point where you sit down over coffee and churros and discuss the pros and cons of your top three choices, accepting that no one place will check all of your boxes.

When you and your partner don’t see eye to eye

This second-story walk-up in Disneyland’s Adventureland features a wrap-around balcony and a tropical atmosphere. During peak hours, however, the view overlooks one of the most congested thoroughfares in the park.

If you and your partner have never picked out a place together—or even if you have—you may find yourselves on different pages when it comes to “placing an offer” on your Disney home. Despite this being a fantasy scenario, you may still find yourselves locked in a stare of disbelief and unable to move forward:

“How can you not want to live there? It’s perfect!”

“It’s not perfect! It’s facing the most congested part of the park and it doesn’t even face the water!”

Before you start questioning the status of your relationship, it pays to listen to your partner’s objections with an open mind—and vice-versa. It’s easy to be so fixated on a particular feature or location that you lose sight of the bigger picture, like, maybe you don’t want to be directly above an outdoor eating area that’s going to get very loud and crowded two–to-three times a day—every day. Or, maybe, that’s a non-issue. The same might be true living in proximity to Splash Mountain, where you’ll be subjected to the screams of plummeting riders all the live long day—and well into the night, depending on time of year and park hours. If you’re going to be a “serious” buyer, these are the types of details that warrant consideration before putting down your imaginary down payment.

A real-life example in the Magic Kingdom: 

Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Model Homes
The Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square has the most number of single-family homes among all the lands in the kingdom.

Our first disagreement was over Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. My best half thought the location was ideal: the Rivers of America would be in our front yard, the illustrious Haunted Mansion was just down the way, and a small farmer’s market was just steps away from what would be our front door. I, however, was concerned that the colonial residence might be a bit too upper crust for our more casual lifestyle—and that we’d have snooty neighbors who’ll be prim and properly attired at all times. My considerate consort listened, nodded with understanding, and then mounted a case for our potentially having a positive effect on the more conservative neighborhood and its residents. Now it was my turn to see from a different perspective, and in the end, I came around. This is now our Magic Kingdom residence:

Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Townhomes
#24 is our residence of choice in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. What it lacks in a balcony it makes up for in view and location.
Magic Kingdom Liberty Square
A quaint farmer’s market is just steps from our door, and just past is the Rivers of America.

The Epcot “We can’t afford that!” example:

Upper Regency Street is the most pricey of U.K. properties, and for good reason.

From the moment we stepped foot in Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion, we knew we were home. But which home? Each and every domicile or flat had potential, and we looked at each one with a prospective buyer’s eyes. My beloved immediately fell for the charming cottage with the cobbled walkway and coiffed English garden, but I argued that it was likely unavailable, as that’s where the groundskeeper and his wife probably live—or maybe Mary Poppins’ great aunt. “So much for fantasy,” my mate snickered, but still he agreed that the home was too prominent to be available.

Another exclusive residence in high demand by the rich and famous.

Across the street and next to the pub is a charming, single-story home—and right on the World Showcase Lagoon. We loved it instantly. Except… do we really want to be next to a pub? No doubt, there are a lot of couples who would have no problem—and even welcome—the proximity to the most happening place in town. But for us, we’d rather have a short walk to the watering hole instead of sharing a wall. With a heavy heart and a backward glance we had to pass.

A bit down the way and framing the fairy tale garden, is a cluster of perfect little English houses, but only one is a residence; the other two are stores. Rounding the corner towards the very British hedge maze is one of two very high-end residences. The one on Upper Regency Street, which directly faces the hedge maze and the bandstand, is the one my life partner entertained very seriously as we enjoyed our morning coffee in the garden.

“We can’t afford that!” I sputtered, shocked he would even suggest such a thing.

“Of course we can,” my gentler spouse scoffed, “this is fantasy, remember?”

“I knowwwww,” I whined contritely, “but we should still be in the realm of remotely feasible! That place is way beyond our means!”


Finally: “You’re silly,” came the conclusion. “And you flunk fantasy,” he added for good measure.

“I know,” I took a sip of coffee, “but that place is out of our league.”

And that was that for the time being.

It wasn’t until we were back home and looking through our photos that the perfect U.K. home revealed itself:

Epcot United Kingdom Pavilion Flat
Our sweet little “potential” home in Epcot’s U.K. pavilion.

Only, my partner in life wasn’t convinced: There was no balcony, no water view, and it was above a store (albeit a charming little store—and a quiet one).

I painted the picture I saw in my mind’s eye that had convinced me it was perfect: “Look, though,” I was smiling lovingly at the photo displayed on screen, “see that window right there? That’s where I’ll be writing my novel and waving at you as you come back with coffee, which we’ll have every morning in the park—or behind the pub looking out at the water. And then in the evening, when you return from the high sees of the World Showcase Lagoon, we’ll go to the pub, or just hang out and listen to the band and watch the sunset, which we’ll have a view to every day.”

By time we returned to our desired location in Epcot’s World Showcase, my beloved was finally able to see my proposed home-away-from-home with fresh eyes and a more open mind. He looked up at the middle window, smiled, looked back at me, and nodded approvingly. “Clickety-clickety-clickety ding,” he chided, imitating my writing my novel on an old-style typewriter.

And so it was decreed, we’d found our U.K. home and we moved right in.

Epcot United Kingdom Pavilion
The street we live on in Epcot’s U.K. pavilion

Where would you live?

Whether you’re a couple just getting started or one with a few years in, finding a place can be stressful. You may discover you have different tastes or different priorities—and that’s not even taking finance into account! This is why your Disney home can prove such a valuable find: it’s fantasy! And more importantly, it’s your fantasy! Forget about money, good school districts, commute times, the proximity to family members… all that “fun” stuff… and just ask yourselves this: Where do you both want to go to sleep every night and wake up every morning in the Disney parks you visit? Just start there. The constructive “adult” conversations you have around your Disney fantasy home will one day pave the way to your real life fantasy home, which you’ll be all the more ready for now that you know each other so much better through you Disney.

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A Southern California native and goddaughter of legendary Disney music maker, Richard M. Sherman, Amy's love of Disney began shortly after birth. It grew into a "healthy" addiction when she and her husband returned from their first WDW vacation and immediately started planning the next. For Amy, it's about love, and the fantasy, adventure, and hope of a great big beautiful tomorrow that inspire her every day to be part of the magic.

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John F
John F

In the Swiss Family Treehouse, of course. I’ve been fascinated by that since I first saw the movie as a boy.

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Jeff D

Epcot’s living with the land house would be awesome. Everything in there is self sustaining and you could do yard work in the air conditioning.


That was hilarious, thank you!



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La Donna Burk

I loved this. It makes me want to go back soon and pick my dream home!