RUMOR: Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge Will Not Open Until After December 16th, 2019 at Walt Disney World

Disneyland Art, Opera House
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Based on ticket pricing updates made today for Walt Disney World, we have a good guess at when we will first be able to visit Batuu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (barring some insanely expensive hard ticket event that offers an early preview)…

Disneyland Art, Opera House

As of today, Walt Disney World theme park tickets can be purchased through December 16th, 2019. Based on this and current internal rumblings, it seems very likely that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios between December 17th and December 20th, 2019, the last days of Fall. In case you have forgotten, Disney has claimed Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge would open Fall 2019. To keep to that promise, but to offer higher ticket prices than today, these would be the only possible dates for the opening of the land.

Could we be reading too much into this? Possibly. Are we? No. I think it is pretty safe to say this is the opening timeframe, but nothing is official until Disney makes a statement.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open at the Disneyland Resort in the Summer of 2019.

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  • While happy that Disney is keeping to their promise and opening Star Wars in fall 2019. I can only imagine the chaos it’s going to be there especially because it’s during holiday season. Not too sure if that’s a superb idea. Just sayin’

  • Are they insane? Open the most anticipated expansion in the history of any park during THE busiest time of the year? I hope they have riot police on hand – how MAGICal.

  • Interesting though that the Disney Junior Dance party is opening December 22 (not at all Fall) when they announced it as Fall 2018. If Disney breaks the opening time frame for SW:GE there will be much more attention than the dance party, but it seems like Disney has a pretty fluid understanding of the seasons.

  • It will be open way before that but remember they need weeks if not months for all the CM previews and the weeks of HARD TICKETED pay for a preview scenario, it is embarrassing that the time between Disneyland’s start of construction and completion and WDW start and finish of construction are not equal, WDW seems to be doing this purposely

    • They are doing it purposefully. You want gaps in openings to maximize press exposure and executive availability to name a couple reasons. Hard ticket preview would last for 2 weeks at most and CM even less but earlier. Pandora was 2 and Pixar Pier less.

    • disneylands location was concrete long before the studios. the star wars land originally was in the current parking lot than changed and changed again the reason walt disney worlds is behind is because of this….the back lot tour was closed for over a year with no new construction.

  • Or they aren’t adjusting prices for the opening of Star Wars Land and those prices are based on that being the busiest time of the year

  • I doubt that they are pushing it to December. The calendar only goes to December 16th because it’s 15 months from the date they released the new system and they do not want to give pricing just yet for Christmas 2019. Opening Star Wars that close to Christmas is doubtful. I also would doubt we will see a higher price for when Star Wars does open. You have to remember that all 4 parks are the same price now so you can’t just 150.00 for a one day ticket for Star Wars since you would also be charging that for 3 other theme parks for these dates. I think a huge part of why Disney started this new system is to avoid speculation like this as well as to get lead media coverage like three used to every year about proving going up if they release pricing every few months and it varies by date. For Star Wars I would expect they are still planning on opening in the Fall unless there are consensus struck on delays. As far as making more money from it they will have premium events like they did with Pixar Pier in DLC so trying to work that into an admission ticket into the park is not really necessary.

    • Indeed. And actually, a meteorological winter starts December 1. If they decide not to open before December 16, they are really pushing the meaning of late fall… Why didn’t they say “Late 2019” or “Very early 2020” to be on the safe side?

  • GUTTED to hear this, we are coming from the UK for 10 days end of Oct-beginning of Nov next year and we’re hoping it would be open, oh well I guess we’ll just have to book another trip for 2020/2021 (I’m guessing this was what Disney were hoping for)

  • I keep saying they are going to open Galaxys edge the same time the last Star wars movie is released which is set for Dec 20th. Im thinking big movie premiere at Studios in the new land.

  • What about the Monday after thanksgiving week? It’s $108 for a Monday of a week that is traditionally very slow. I believe that’s the second most expensive price on the current calendar. The rest of the week is up too when it seems like this week should be more in line with early November. They have an added bonus of the days right before that being top dollar too. This week makes lots of sense also because it is slower for crowds and would give ample time for it to be open and run before the Christmas rush.

  • You can buy through the end of the year now. There is not a significant price increase compared to thanksgiving weekend for any day during December.

  • Sounds like a nightmare. Christmas Crowds combined with Star War’s Mania. Like ToyStoryLand opening on speed.

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