VIDEO: New Southbound World Drive Ramp Opens in Magic Kingdom Area

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We told you recently that the brand new southbound ramp on World Drive would open on 10/16/2018. Today that came true and we have a brand new ramp that takes cars and guests over the Magic Kingdom parking area and away from the Magic Kingdom Resorts.

You can take a video tour with me below:

Guests and cast members traveling from Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, and cast member parking & facilities behind the Magic Kingdom can now use this ramp to go back down World Drive, avoiding traffic exiting the Transportation and Ticket Center. The northbound ramp traveling to the resorts opened back in August.

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  • I work at WL and was excited today at 3pm when I could take this for the first time, as I was heading up the ramp some stupid woman in a red car was driving towards me on the southbound flyover, when I was at the top of the flyover I could not figure how she even got on the southbound side going North, this is typical of most people coming to WDW they have their head shoved so far up their own ass, they have no idea what they are doing or how dangerous they are behaving and this stupid bitch had the nerve to honk back at me like I was in the wrong! I guess if she had hit me head on it would have been my fault bc I work there and would have had her trip comped and probably a big settlement bc she was inconvenienced bc of her own stupidity.

  • I love this update, and others like it. Even though my wife stared at me the whole time I was watching it, thinking I was absolutely nuts.

    • Watching it? You saw this today around 3:30ish?, I don’t know how the state trooper just before the MK toll plaza with his lights flashing didn’t see it? I see almost every morning on the news about cars going the wrong way, I swear I dunno what’s wrong with the drivers in this state both tourists and locals

      • Its because of the large amount of british tourists who travel to Florida and rent cars, they actually have a big problem in Japan with tourists driving on the wrong side of the road as well.

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