2-Month Refurbishment of Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom Set to Begin This Month

In a rather sudden announcement, Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom will be closed for over two months starting later in October.

The Walt Disney World website is currently listing Tom Sawyer Island as closed from October 14th through December 21st, 2018. It is unknown if this sudden closure is related to the delays with the ongoing Liberty Square Riverboat closure at the park.

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  1. How amazing is it that Tom Sawyer island is still a thing at WDW? I’m glad, but how much longer can it have before they turn it into Olaf’s Summer Cottage or something? Keep rocking it out, Tom!

  2. It would be perfect if it stays as-is. If we lose Tom Sawyer’s Island, we’ll also lose the Liberty Belle. I’d hate to see her go even more than TSI.

  3. I’d love it if they finally gave us Western River Expedition. Classic Disney that never was.

    Tom Sawyer’s Island is, was and always will be a waste of space. Much like its delinquent cousin Swiss Family Treehouse. People don’t flock to either of them, because their just a lot of nothingness. The only people that might like them are kidnappers and people who need a place to sleep.

    Heck I’d take a stroller parking or restroom over them. The restrooms wouldn’t have to be themed either, just a room with a bucket and coffee filters.

  4. Since they had to drain the east side of the rivers of America to repair the track for the riverboat, it only makes sense they have to drain the west side to repair the rest of the track. No water means no rafts to and from Tom Sawyer Island.

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