Liberty Square Riverboat to Remain Closed Until December as Refurbishment is Extended

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The Liberty Square Riverboat in Magic Kingdom will remain closed longer than previously announced. Refurbishment calendars now show the Riverboat as being closed through December 21st, meaning the attraction will not reopen until at least Winter 2018.

Originally the RIverboat was slated to open in “Fall 2018” according to refurbishment documents.

A portion of the track was recently replaced and the river refilled, but there has been no sign of the Liberty Belle Riverboat in the park.

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    • It’s in Bay Lake. We saw it on our visit last week, while we were on the boat from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom. The boat captain told us it was refurbished, and going back to the park on Friday the 21st, but that didn’t happen.

      • Evelyn, thank you for that info. Now I can’t figure how it got there other then a big crane and a big trailer? Because the only water exiting the river is the canal that the train passes over. I checked google earth? I’m curious now. Thanks again

        • The trestle swivels. Then there are locks to get in in the canal out into 7 seas and on to Bay Lake.

    • Dry dock behind Frontier Land. It’s taken back through the WDW Railroad trestle. It Swivels for that purpose. From there, there’s actually a lock that allows it to get into 7 Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, so if it’s a major repair, it can be taken to the main dry dock and taken out of the water.

      • Thanks Steve, mystery solved.. I just thought that canal was too narrow to get through and then another bridge ( not sure how good the steering is, if any) so now bring in some guide boats… I would of loved to have seen that operation
        then it passes under the monorail beams and the end..
        I think they had to replace the boiler because it was close to the end of its life cycle, so that
        Would explain the major overhaul part..
        Thanks again Steve

        • There was talk of doing away with it years ago, but they kept it going. Sad to see so many of the original attractions going away. Mike Fink keel boats, the Swan Boats by the Castle, 20 Thousand Leagues, Mr Toads Wild ride, Mission to the Moon, later to Mars, and the Skyway. I miss those rides.

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