PHOTOS, VIDEO: Rivers of America Drained, Track Work in Progress for Liberty Square Riverboat at the Magic Kingdom

A few weeks ago, we showed you that a dam was being installed on the Rivers of America, and last week we showed you the drained state of the river. This is all happening for an extended Liberty Square Riverboat refurbishment including track work that’s easier done without a river full of water. There are two dams installed, one past Haunted Mansion and one outside of The Diamond Horseshoe.

Here is a video of the ongoing work, including a look at the construction workers sawing into the old track right before the eyes of guests:














This dam doesn’t look particularly sturdy, but it works. This is why I don’t build dams for a living.

They are cutting up the old, damaged track and replacing it with new pieces.

In the lower part of the above picture, you can see old and new track laying there. One says”spare”, indicating that they just store spare track pieces somewhere.

The Liberty Square Riverboat is set to return this Fall at the Magic Kingdom.

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