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Walt Disney World Stationing Non-Security Cast Members at Resort Booths to Better Collect Parking Fees

A while back, Walt Disney World started charging guests for parking at their Resort Hotels. Well, many guests are now utilizing online check-in methods that allow them to skip the front desk completely, and also skip registering a car parked at the hotel.

In order for Disney to collect on those overnight hotel parking fees, they have started stationing a non-security cast member in addition to the guard at the security booths at most of their resort hotels. This cast member verifies that the guests have a car that they will be parking at the resort, and therefore can tack on those pesky parking fees. We specifically spotted this in action at Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge this week.

There is an entirely different problem of guests saying they are just at the resort to eat when they are in fact checking-in and parking there overnight, just to avoid said fees. However, Disney hasn’t quite figured out how to combat that effectively just yet.

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2 years ago

An easier way to avoid all the headaches of tracking guest cars would be to uh, just quit with the completely ridiculous parking fee.