PHOTOS: Latest Progress on Lago Dorado Restaurant, 15-Story Tower, and More Remodeling at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

As you’re probably aware, the transformation of Disney’s Coronado Springs is well underway and set to be completed in the Summer of 2019. Yesterday, we decided to head over and see the latest progress on the various ongoing projects.

A look at the new 15-story tower from the parking lot.

Here we see the rooftop restaurant.

The repainting of the main building appears to be complete. Note the new decorative pattern on the dome.

A reconfigured section of parking lot near the building looks to be nearing completion.

For whatever reason, the section all the way to the right in this photo hasn’t been painted to the new color scheme.

The Pepper Market is now El Mercado De Coronado. Much like what was done to Panchito’s, the restaurant is greatly subdued. It now reminds me of a college dining hall.

If Disney hotels continue to remove theme for “contemporary design”, will they even be themed anymore? This is a trend I think most agree needs to stop. If I wanted to stay at a Hilton, I could.

Work continues on the Lago Dorado restaurant out on the water, as well as the new walkways to better connect the resort.

They were installing railings on the walkways when we were there.

The now-abandoned marina sits quietly near the new tower.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage of the reimagining of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, expected to be completed next Summer.

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1 year ago

“If Disney hotels continue to remove theme for “contemporary design”, will they even be themed anymore? This is a trend I think most agree needs to stop. If I wanted to stay at a Hilton, I could.” Could not agree more. Not sure what Disney is doing but it will cost them eventually. The name going from Pepper market to whatever its called now is ridiculous also. Stayed at Coronado this August and was greatly disappointed in Pepper market. Thanks for the report Tom!! Tom, Are they working on the main pool right now? In August it was almost like… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

Totally agree! Disney has taken the “Personality” out of the Coronado. My husband, adult daughter, her husband and I have stayed at the Coronado for about 3 years and loved the ambiance. The cheerful coring has been “Dulled Down” to please Corporate and Convention Executives! All the rooms have been converted to “Businessperson Friendly”. They are removing all Artwork pertaining to Disney Characters. I hate to see what will happen to the big pool. Instead of laughing children, families and grandparents we now have to put up with Drunk Loud Vulgar Conventioneers! On our last trip in May we got… Read more »

Another Jeff
Another Jeff
1 year ago

Are they trying to trick conventioneers into thinking they aren’t at Disney World?
Why don’t they just rename Panchito’s to “STORE”?

1 year ago

“If I wanted to stay at a Hilton, I could.”…. And I have. For less. I’ve always stayed in WDW resorts over the years. But my last couple of trips at Caribbean and Coronado have sent me over to the Hilton and Gaylord for less money and, in the case of the Gaylord, a better facility and something special I can’t see at home. The WDW resorts are losing the magic and it is aggregating for us that care. I know Eisner made mistakes toward the end of his time, but we need someone with his recognition of the importance… Read more »

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