PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Space Mountain Exit Opens, Speedramps Removed at the Magic Kingdom

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We covered some Space Mountain construction walls back in September as the speed ramp finale and exit of Space Mountain had been closed off since June. Guests exiting Space Mountain were routed backstage via a temporary bridge that gave a glimpse of TRON construction next door and then guided over the Walt Disney World Railroad tracks.

Well, the work has been completed…

The early exit scenes remain the same, although lighting was altered. The big change is the removal of all of the speed ramps that carried guests back to Tomorrowland. You now have to walk all the way out with your own leg power.

The former ambient lighting in this hallway is gone, it is now very bright.

Guests can still peer into space though…

The ramp at the end of the tunnel that used to go up to the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. was completely blown out (you know, the scene with the monitors that guests would appear on, transporting them to other worlds), and replaced with an expanded room that utilizes some space that the long-closed portions of the arcade took up.

A series of ramps take guests back up to Tomorrowland.

This pit could use some plastic balls…

The new ramps dump guests out into the middle of the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. building.

Here’s the short video of an Instagram that broke the news to many…

What do you think about the new Space Mountain exit? Will it delay your plans for launch?

UPDATE: Full video tour added below.