Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris

Phantom Manor Reopening Date Finally Revealed

UPDATE: The following story is no longer correct, please read the follow-up story for more information.

It is now confirmed that Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris will reopen for guests on February 16, 2019. This comes after the attraction remained closed for a lengthy, year-long refurbishment. Originally planned to finish this fall, the schedule was unexpectedly pushed back to January at the last minute. 

Disney has since released an update to the park hours and attraction closures calendar. The revised calendar shows Phantom Manor closed every day from now until the 16th of February, 2019.

Details about the refurbishment project were previously revealed to fans at the Disney FanDaze Party last June. We know that the original, opening day narration by Vincent Price will be restored within the ride, as well as changes to the attraction storyline to reveal the Phantom character’s true identity.

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Harry Warner
Harry Warner
1 year ago

I hope it opens earlier. We’re going on 1/22/19 and I was hoping the previous “late Janruary” opening would have been true. I’m sad about this. I know I’m a nerd but Phantom Manor is what I was most excited for during our trip to France.

1 year ago
Reply to  Harry Warner

Us towel be gutted if not open when we go in October 2019