REVIEW: Mickey’s Birthday Food at The Magic Kingdom

The big cheese turns 90 this weekend and the Disney parks are celebrating with an assortment of food, merchandising, and events. Over at the Magic Kingdom, several food items have been highlighted and most are available through today at multiple locations in line or through mobile order. Of the three we tired, each finds its own way to celebrate the birthday boy, but only two really took the (birthday) cake.

Mickey Cheeseburger – $15.97

With Mickey himself branded on the top of a buttered bun, this burger is topped with macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, and spicy cheese dust. So yeah…it’s cheesy and, oddly enough, not terrible. While certainly a mess (a fork is more than just a suggestion here), the cheese sauce is not heavy and so it all goes down rather easily. One suggestion would be to flip over the top bun and add some mac and cheese to it. This cut down on overall thickness of the burger, providing more manageable bites.

One missed opportunity is the cheese dust, which is all for aesthetics. While one might hope it would add some spice to the palate, it adds no flavor at all.

Confetti Mickey Pretzel – $7.02

Mixing the savory and the sweet, this pretzel carried an excellent taste as the salt and marshmallow cream swirled together. We don’t get enough sugary pretzel variations at the parks. As for function, this usually shareable baked good became a sticky mess. As in “need a towelette” sticky. An attempt at cleanup left bits of paper napkin grafted onto this reviewer’s hand thanks to the marshmallow.

Birthday Bash Push Pop – $6.38

Filled with birthday cake pastry cream and layered with cake crumbles, buttercream, and glitter sprinkles, this push pop attempts an odd variation on the traditional cake pop, but instead of icing holding it all together, it’s a large tube of plastic. Deceptively small when pushed out of its larger container, the cake is overall underwhelming for the price and size.

While the top lid’s design does allow for the classic Mickey ears shape for the first bite, it quickly popped off with a minor amount of pressure and you’re basically left with a cupcake shoved into a plastic toilet paper roll. The novelty seems to be working though, as these were sold out at one location.

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