REVIEW: New Santa Macarons, Holiday Popcorn Mix, Angry Elf Drink at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has gotten an early start to their Flurry of Fun over the last two days. Baseline Tap House on Grand Avenue is getting into the act as well with three offerings of their own (but you can find two of the items at other locations, as indicated below)…

Holiday Festive Popcorn ($6.99)

This treat features caramel corn mixed with nuts, crispy pearls, candy-coated chocolates, and mini sugar cookies. Find it at BaseLine Tap House and various popcorn carts throughout the park.

I don’t see any sugar cookies, do you? I sometimes wonder what happens between the creation of the snack, the press photo shoot, and the actual debut of the treat. Things seldom turn out completely as advertised. Either way, what you have here is a fairly standard snack mix, but a definite improvement over the melted chocolate popcorn mess of last year. At least some thought was put into it this time and it comes in a resealable container perfect for enjoying it throughout the day. It’s certainly not a bad snack and I actually quite like it (the combined bites with chocolate and caramel popcorn are sublime, and the coated nuts are particularly tasty), but you can find more unique items around the park, especially on Sunset Boulevard.

Santa Belt Macarons ($7.99)

Ho ho ho! Have a Santa Macaron! These almond macarons with hazelnut filling have climbed down the chimneys at BaseLine Tap House and Oasis Canteen and come in a package of five.

If you love Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you’ll like these, but the aforementioned candy is probably a better use of your money. These are cute and I applaud the icing art which at least makes for a good picture. 5 is a good portion size, but I just feel like I’ve had so many better theme park macarons the last few years at Disneyland Resort or in the France Pavilion at Epcot. Other than the design, nothing about them really stands out.

Angry Elf ($11.50)

Angry Orchard Crisp Hard Apple Cider with Fireball Whiskey

This thing is vile. If you want whiskey and apple juice, this is for you, but I don’t know anyone who would willingly order this with the fantastic beer selection already available at Baseline Tap House. I got about half way through before I gave up and threw it away.

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2 years ago

Basically every disney seasonal food offering is bad, we get it.

2 years ago

Actually the Angry Orchard and Fireball is called an “Angry Ball” and is not something Disney made up. The Beer and Fireball has to be SUPER cold (kinda defeats the purpose of a cold beer if youre putting in luke warm anything) in order to drink it.