Uniquely Disney: Morocco Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase

Welcome back to another edition of Uniquely Disney! In this installment, let’s venture back to Epcot and the endlessly beautiful and fascinating World Showcase. Though admittedly not one of my top pavilions when I was younger, I have grown to love Morocco more and more, and at this point it is right up there on my list of favorites! This pavilion is absolutely beautiful, and so full of rich details and little touches. This area was designed to recreate winding Moroccan streets with homes and markets and so most of it is actually tucked away out of view. Next time you are passing by be sure to venture in, grab lunch at Restaurant Marrakesh, and see all this pavilion has to offer! Here are my top 3 favorite details from the Morocco pavilion!


Forced Perspective

Forced perspective is a technique used all throughout the Disney parks and can be found in most areas, but that doesn’t mean it is any less effective or inspiring in the Morocco pavilion! This pavilion was designed to look like winding Moroccan streets, complete with buildings both short and tall, housing homes and markets for shopping. The issue with building a recreated version of a large place in a smaller, more condensed area, is the sizing. How do you make an area and its buildings seem larger than they actually are? Why, by using that old Imagineering trick, forced perspective, of course! To trick the eye into believing that structures are taller or further away than they actually are, windows and even brickwork are made smaller in size on each story, and ‘far away’ buildings are made on a smaller scale, giving the illusion that they are taller or further away from you than if they were built to scale. I just love the use of the technique in this pavilion. The more you explore the streets, the more tucked away you feel, until it seems like you are in another place altogether.

Morocco pavilion forced perspective


Marketplace Wares

The shops in the Morocco pavilion house some beautiful merchandise. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by rich color, inviting scents, and eye-catching items. It is such a fun and lovely place to browse through, and coupled with the authentic architecture and artwork (including that amazing tile work, which is one of my favorite touches!), this pavilion is stunning and not to be missed!

Of course, an area in ‘the World’ wouldn’t be complete without those famous Disney details, and the Moroccan shops are no exception. In most areas in Walt Disney World, it pays to take the time and look up to find some extra touches that make things seem even more authentic and add that ‘real world’ feel. In the Morocco shops, you will find the same thing. Up above all the items for you to browse through, you can see cloth and fibers dyed in brilliant jewel tones hanging from baskets and beams, presumably waiting to be sold or made into more beautiful items. I just love little details like these that make you feel as though you are strolling through a ‘real world’ place, and the Morocco pavilion doesn’t disappoint!

Morocco pavilion shop detail


Hidden Mickey

Many Disney visitors’ favorite activity is spotting all those Hidden Mickey’s around the parks and attractions in Walt Disney World. I am a fan of course, and so I had to feature one sometime! In the Morocco pavilion shops, there are so many amazing items and decorations to browse and view. Some are displayed on shelves, benches, and counters, and some artfully on the walls, but that’s not all you’ll find! Next time you are in Morocco for some shopping, or just on a Hidden Mickey quest, be sure to keep an eye out for this hidden (or, I suppose, not so hidden!) Mickey.

Morocco ‘hidden Mickey’

That concludes our tour of the Morocco pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase and my top 3 favorite details! World Showcase is so full of these amazing details. What are your top favorites?

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1 year ago

I love visiting the Morocco Pavilion and saying Hi, how are you and thank you. The only words I know thanks to my friend who is Moroccan.