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Cast Member Admits to Filming Co-Worker in Animal Kingdom Restroom

According to a Orange County Sheriff’s Department report, a Walt Disney World cast member admitted to secretly recording a co-worker in a restroom.

The victim reported that he was standing at a urinal at the Pride Rock Employee Service Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, when he noticed a cell phone moving under a restroom stall, which was pointed at him. The victim was able to snap a picture of the cast member’s shoes, which aided police in tracking down the suspect. The suspect initially denied the allegations, but later confessed.

The victim was unsure whether he wanted to press charges. Meanwhile, the Florida state attorney’s office will decide if criminal charges will be filed. A spokesperson for Disney stated that the suspect is on unpaid leave pending the full results of the investigation.

We will provide more information as we learn it.

(Source: WESH)


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1 year ago

It’s the circle of Creeeeeeeeeeps

Georgia Rapp
Georgia Rapp
1 year ago

Disney! Dont you fret none. We know you do your best to screen out the bad ones but some just get through. I am thankful this employee is on unpaid leave and awaiting the outcome. Having a dismissal from Disney on your resume is like having one foot in the grave in my book. You have my love and support Disney ❣