PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 12/24/18 (Skyliner, Snack Market, Toy Story Land Christmas, Disney Junior, ETC.)

It’s been a busy week at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with lots of additions and construction updates happening around the park. The all-new Disney Junior Dance Party made its debut, a new snack market stand has opened near Toy Story Land, plus much more!

Disney Skyliner

Construction continues at the new Skyliner station just outside the Hollywood Studios main entrance. Some new paint has been added and scaffolding has begun to come down and the building looks close to being finished.

The entrance to the park from the east side of the parking lot has been changed slightly. The fence has been taken down and this new walkway has opened up. It is extremely wide, allowing for both entering and exiting guests to have space to walk. The new walkway also has benches, trash cans, and some trees and lighting. This will help tremendously with crowd control when the Skyliner does open in the fall.

A wider look at the new walkway:

This picture clearly shows the design layout of the new station. You can see where the gondolas will enter, loop around, and then exit the station. Gondolas will come in from the right side of this picture, and riders will exit from the left side.

Toy Story Land Christmas Decorations

Even more new Christmas decorations have been spotted at the entrance to Toy Story Land. These three ornaments and garland are hanging from the main marquee!

Mystery Structure Near Star Tours

Moving along, here is a look at progress on the mystery structure being built just outside the Star Tours gift shop. We’re stumped as to what this might be for. Unlike previous visits, there were construction workers actively working on the structure when we passed by this time. A closer look at the structure shows an entrance to a very small enclosed space. Let me know your thoughts as to what this might be in the comments!

The entrance to the structure is shown here, however, it doesn’t go back very far and would only be able to hold a few people at a time.

Snack Market

Earlier in the week, we brought you pictures of a new snack stand just outside the Toy Story Land entrance. The market has since opened to guests and features alcoholic beverages, sodas, specialty non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks. With only two snacks on the menu and seven alcoholic drinks, this stand is more of a bar to help parents forget about the three hour line they just waited in so their kids could ride Slinky Dog Dash.

Disney Junior Dance Party

We also covered the debut of the Disney Junior Dance Party earlier this week. The show replaces Disney Junior: Live On Stage and runs continuously throughout the day. More information as well as a video of the full show can be found here.


Some new merchandise was spotted around the park this week.

There is a plethora of new pins including some themed around Robin Hood’s 45th anniversary, Mary Poppins, Holidays 2018, and “Donut Shop” Baymax.

As winter approaches and Florida begins to cool down (and by cool down I mean the temperature drops from 110 degrees to 80 degrees), many of the stores around the resort have began selling somewhat generic-looking hats, scarves, and gloves for guests to stay warm.

All four of these new build-it-yourself dioramas are now being sold throughout the resort. They’re extremely cute and a perfect gift for the holidays. They are priced at $16.99.

That’s all from Hollywood Studios this week, be sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram as we bring you the latest updates from around the parks!

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2 years ago

The mystery building outside of star tours is likely a snack cart. Hollywood Studios has been working towards getting rid of the mobile carts in favor of permanent structures. My guess is this will be added as a way to help feed the masses waiting to get into Star Wars.

That or a freeze yourself in carbonite center like they used to have during star wars weekends.

Cameron F
Cameron F
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike

A freeze yourself in carbonite stand would actually be a cool addition to this area