People mover magic kingdom
The end of the line

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/21/18 (Tron Construction, 12 Dogs of Christmas, Crowds, ETC.)

We made our way over to the Magic Kingdom to see the three C’s… construction, crowds, and Casey’s!

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Construction Continues on Tron Coaster

We wanted to check in on the construction for Tron first. It looks like things are starting to come along. We can see and hear the construction vehicles busy at work.

Magic Kingdom Tron Coaster Construction
Magic kingdom Tron roller coaster construction
More dirt

The walkway behind the Tomorrowland Speedway is under construction. We could see the fence removal near the Space Mountain exit.

Magic kingdom Tron Construction Walt Disney world
Fences have been removed
Walt Disney world magic kingdom Tron construction
The pavement and railroad tracks are torn up
Tron Construction Magic Kingdom Walt Disney world
You can see some fences still standing. For now.

Crowds Everywhere

If you’ve ever visited the parks around the holidays, you know the crowds can be wild. We were told the wait for the Peoplemover was 30 minutes. We had no desire to find out for sure, but we believe it based on the line wrapped around the queue.

People mover magic kingdom
The end of the line
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The line for the Peoplemover

The Tomorrowland Speedway also had an extended queue. Get your last rides in before it closes temporarily!

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Extended queue for Tomorrowland Speedway

The Haunted Mansion also had a spooky 100 minute wait. The line wrapped down around the water and back up.

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There’s 999 people in this queue, but there’s room for a thousand…
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Any volunteers?

We saw the new Guest Experience Team wandering around the park as well as at locations with screens that look suspiciously like wait time signs.

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Is this… a wait time board?

The Liberty Belle was traveling around the Rivers of America without guests. You’ll be able to take a trip when it reopens this weekend.

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No guests yet

Casey’s Corner

We were excited to stop by Casey’s Corner and try the specialty hot dog from the 12 Days of Christmas Dogs. The daily offering was the Philly Cheesesteak Hot Diggity Dog. Unfortunately, it sold out before we could get one. Maybe that was a good thing.

Magic Kingdom Casey’s Corner 12 Hot Dogs Of Christmas
Philly Cheesesteak Dog


The Harvey’s Sorcerer Mickey collection was available at Uptown Jewelers on Main Street.

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3 styles available

The new “Mary Poppins Returns” MagicBand could be found at multiple locations around the park.

Disney’s Mary Poppins returns limited edition magic band Walt Disney world

Thanks for joining us around Magic Kingdom! Will you be visiting and braving the crowds soon?