PHOTOS: Epcot’s Odyssey Reopens Heavily Remodeled; Classic 1982 Elements Removed

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The Odyssey at Epcot has been closed since the Epcot International Festival of the Arts earlier this year, but it returned to service today for the New Year’s Eve crowds with a very new look.

From the outside, not much looks changed at this building nestled between Future World and World Showcase.

Inside, things have changed dramatically. The stage is gone, as are the tiered levels. We also can see that it is already somewhat decorated for the Festival of the Arts’ return next month.

The entire interior has been flattened and a new carpet installed.

A very permanent looking food service counter has been installed. This space has been used for food and drink service at a number of festivals.

A limited menu available for New Year’s Eve crowds today.

LOVE the Spaceship Earth inspired counters…

The tech booth has remained, so we expect presentations and such to return to the space, despite the stage demolition.

A look at the new carpet.

The wood paneling above has remained, thankfully.

The restrooms were redone, but luckily, the trademark hexagon style remains.

So, what do you think of the new Odyssey building at Epcot?

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  • Looks terrible. Absolutely no reason to remove the tiered levels while allowing for it to serve its purpose (which is what, Disney?). So much money poured into it to make it look worse and continue to look like it has no direction.

      • Looks good to me as well. The place was looking more and more neglected/shoddy each year. It’s now neat, clean, and the more open single level floor plan allows for better accessibility and multiple functionality. And, it’s set up to serve something all the time instead of maybe just some of the time.
        Direction? It had essentially been closed (and thus directionless, unless nothing passes for a direction) for 35 years. Anything being there and open on a constant/regular is better than having a viable building that’s closed most of the time and deteriorating.

  • I assume it was flattened because it’s mostly used for conventions and a bigger open space can accommodate more people. Looks weird now but I assume when it’s full of tables and chairs and decorations, it looks like an event venue.

  • That is not very appealing. This has all the charm of a holding pen at a low budget airport. There is nothing interesting or welcoming about the space. The widely spaces tables with no seating is not what I want after walking miles around the park.

  • My heart is broken. After years and years of childhood memories…to see this place turned into some sterile looking institution, I’m just so disappointed. WTF WDW?

  • Well, I agree with the other posters that it does seem to have lost its charm now. But I can also see that it will be a much better use of space. There are many pre-arranged events going on around Epcot every day, and to have another nice indoor venue is a big plus. And yes, I am a CM working in events…

  • Looks fine to me. I don’t get the review. So you’re angry about the change in look, but opening it as a more functional space is not acceptable. It’s obvious that having a completely flat layout is more versatile as well as easier to clean. Perhaps they will close the venue over by the Great Britain pavilion for a new attraction.

  • I think it looks great. My husband and I attended a Dessert Party there once. This looks like it has more room and more direction of what can be done with it. Having the food counter will help them a lot. The bathroom looks nice too.

  • I like it & can’t wait to see it once it is fully decorated for Festival of the Arts. I have great memories of the Odyssey Restaurant from way back when & I kinda wish it was still a restaurant as it was the perfect spot to sit down for what was then an awesome burger :)

  • Nice clean lines and much more functional space. The raised area on the one side was always an odd spot and did not lend itself to convenient ADA access. I appreciate the thought put into the renovation and the nods to the classic Epcot shapes

  • Fine by me, though that was the remaining monument to my CP assignment. First, wardrobe took my Shoney’s-like uniform, then they closed my popcorn wagon, now this. Looks like a better use of space for accessibility, high traffic and flexibility, though.

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