PHOTOS: Kingdom Hearts III Pop-Up Experience Opens At Disney Springs

In anticipation of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Disney Springs has opened a limited time pop-up experience to offer players a chance to demo the game early. The experience is located right outside the Lime parking garage, across from the Polite Pig. In addition to the game demo, there is also artwork featuring the Disney worlds that will be featured in the game, some great art pieces including different variations of the iconic Keyblade, and a merchandise opportunity to pick up some figurines, keychains, or even pre-order the game. If cosplay is your thing, we noticed many attendees dressed as their favorite characters from the franchise too. While this was the first day of the event, the line kept a steady 140 minute wait for most of the day. Luckily, the event established a virtual queue in which you give your phone number at the front, allowing you to go and enjoy the rest of Disney Springs. Once it is your turn to play, you will receive a return text to enter.

Each player can decide between Xbox 1 and Playstation 4. Players will also receive a pair of headphones to hear game audio.

Some great art lines the walls including the game’s box art, and other worlds that will be featured in the game.

Another great part of the exhibit is the life-size Keyblades that are on display as you enter the lines for the demo.

The Toy Story variation is my favorite.

Additionally, after you finish playing the demo, you can visit the virtual shop and buy figurines, keychains, and even the games themselves.

If you chose to pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3 from the event, you will receive these stickers and lanyard.

Here’s a look at the Xbox 1 deluxe edition:

PS4 deluxe edition:

Standard edition for each platform above:

Here is a look at some additional merchandise available for purchase.


The game releases January 29th, 2019 which is also the final day of the pop-up event. Apart from the demo itself and the merchandise opportunities, there is not a whole lot else offered. This is a cool experience for die hard Kingdom Hearts fans, but a 2 and a half hour wait is hard to justify otherwise. I can’t wait for the game to release! Will you be picking this one up?