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magicband railroad
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There have been many new themed MagicBands released recently, including Fox and The Hound, Olaf, Princesses, and Villains, but this new band might be your favorite if you are mourning the temporary closing of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

magicband railroad

This band features Walt Disney himself decked out in his engineer hat, with the Walt Disney World Railroad Logo above.

magic band railroad backside

The other side of the band features a picture of the engine itself. The band is currently priced at $29.99 and is a limited edition with a purchase limit of 5 bands per person. It’s available online now at ShopDisney.

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  • This Magic Band of the WDW Railroad is very nice.

    But someone will have to explain to me this whole Magic Band thing.

    WHY would someone want a Magic Band??

    It is only a plastic wrist watch WITHOUT the clock!

    Oh, it has the RF Chip in it so you can wave your Magic Band at the Magic Fast Pass to activate your attendance… BUT WAIT, can’t you just wave you TICKET and do the same thing??

    Perhaps it is too much trouble to reach into your pocket to get your Ticket??

    I just do not understand the whole Magic Band appeal; ESPECIALLY the Plain Magic Bands which have ZERO fanciness to them.

    At least the WDW Magic Band is pretty and seems special, however, I think $30 should get you a nice hat, shirt, or something more then a Plastic Wrist Band.

    • Ok Randy I will give it a try (for fun!)
      Having just been to WDW & DL in the last month here is my 2 cents…WDW utilizes the Magic Band (MB) and DL doesn’t, here are some thoughts.
      The MB is like a cell phone, some people love it and I’m sure some people want privacy wouldn’t mind still using pay phones…they both work?

      Example at WDW: you check into a Disney Resort and get a free magic band. You are not required to use it and some people don’t. If you choose to use it, proceed to your room and the MB unlocks the door, go to the park and its your park ticket, head to the rides and its the fastpass (booked from home for 3 rides months in advance), go buy some Mickey ears and charge it to the MB, go to a restaurant and use the MB to charge or swipe it use your dining plan credits, go play Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom interactive game with the MB as it can be your key card, etc…
      So why buy a special WDW Railroad MB? You don’t have to and you can still buy a that hat instead…The only reason to buy a special band is purely for aesthetics/beauty because if you are going to use it, you may as well enjoy what it looks like…or if your are not staying at a Disney resort but want the MB benefits/perks/ease, then you buy it as well.

      Example at DL: you check in to the hotel and use a physical room key to get in, in the park FastPass (paper ticket)must be acquired at the ride location and then you must come back later to ride, MaxPass is a pay FastPass option that can only be done once you have physically entered the park (you can book 1), you get the rest…pay cash or credit to eat, etc… We still had a great time without the MB but its sure nice to have when offered….simplicity & lots less stuff in my pockets to deal with.
      Remember your on vacation:)

      In other words, both WDW & DL are awesome destinations but one has a definite perk with the MB….IMO

      Have a great Disney day Randy!!

      • Thanks for you well written reply!

        Yes, I understand all the things you outlined, and I understand how for some it can feel that this makes things easier for them…

        But it is not quite the same thing as using a cell phone which is right in your pocket, as compared to trying to locate a payphone to make a call, and then seeing if you have correct change.

        Everyone gets a pass to enter the park which has the same abilities.

        Having a Magic Band is just redundant, and it can’t be just too much trouble to reach in your pocket and wave your pass instead of the band attached to your wrist.

        What it comes down to is that you are wearing on your wrist, your pass….

        Back in the day, when they first started with pay one price admissions, they still had those who used a b c d e tickets….

        Those who did the pay one price plan had a ticket on a string which you hung around your neck or hung from your wrist…

        With my Annual Pass, I had the opportunity to receive a FREE Magic Band, and I have one…

        But I NEVER wore it…

        Why would I when it did excatly the same thing as what my Pass did in my pocket?

        Yes, this is a matter of preference.

        And again, I think the printed design Magic Bands are pretty, however, I cannot justify a $30 or $40 cost because it is printed with a design as compared to being a plain color.

        Yes, it is fashion just like designer shoes, or cloths… I get that…

        And some people feel the need to make themselves feel special because they have the designer brand…

        From the beginning, as an on-property guest, you could charge purchases to your room bill, but not in the park itself…

        So this charging to your Magic Band is only an expansion of this same thing…

        Place a Magic Band on the wrist of the whole family, so when they want to do or buy something they can just wave their Magic Band….!!!

        And the REAL Magic comes later when you get home and receive your monthly credit card bill.

        Sure some see the simplicity of this, and I see it as pointless; that is why they make different flavors of things, as people have different likes.

        And for someone who thinks buying a fancy printed Magic Band is cool, I say if that makes them happy, then why not?

        For me however, I simply do NOT see the value in it.

        I guess I am one of those who would NOT have an RF Chip place inside my head so that I do not even have bother to wave my hand with my Magic Band!

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