REVIEW: A Spoonful of Sugar Cupcake from Main Street Bakery is Practically Imperfect in Every Way

The Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom has cooked up a new cupcake in honor of “Mary Poppins Returns“. The cupcake is affectionately named “A Spoonful of Sugar” but we can think of a lot more appropriate names. None of them would sell cupcakes very well, but they’d be a little more accurate.

The cupcake is beautiful, with red and white striped buttercream frosting. A tiny white chocolate spoon, full of sugar, tops the mound of frosting. It’s actually spilling sugar crystals down the icing. It’s cute, but should be taken as a warning that it’s gonna be sweet.

We peeled off the outer layer of the cupcake wrapper and we were very confused. Honestly, we had no clue what we were looking at. There isn’t much cake. There’s also a chewy layer and a glob of possible frosting. We can’t figure out if this is supposed to be a layered dessert, or if it’s a cupcake gone wrong. There’s a lot going on here. And we haven’t even cut into it yet.

Mary Poppins returns spoonful of Sugar Cupcake

Yeah, this is the moment when medicine looks appealing. Why is there so much frosting? This is enough to frost an entire cake. It looks like a whole container of frosting was dumped onto a tiny layer of cake.

At first, we were told this was a chocolate cupcake. Wrong. So wrong. At $6.99, it would be nice to know what flavor cupcake you’re ordering. We had to ask four different cast members before finding out the cupcake flavor is called “sticky toffee pudding.” There is very little cake here at all. It’s dense and chewy, but not nearly enough to combat the overly sweet frosting. There was also a mysterious chewy glob in the cake that we weren’t able to identify, but we assume it was more toffee. Everything about this cupcake is a disappointment, unfortunately.

Hopefully, this “Mary Poppins Returns” cupcake returns back to where it came from. You should definitely avoid this one, and find a better way to spend your snack money.

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David Price
David Price
2 years ago

my name for this cupcake should be ” the cover is not the book”