egg white soufflé sunshine seasons 2018

REVIEW: New Breakfast Power Wrap, Egg White Soufflé, Ciabatta French Toast at Sunshine Seasons, Epcot

Sunshine Seasons is a much-beloved quick-service restaurant in The Land pavilion at Epcot. It’s (or was) known for its fresh and innovative takes on fast food, including lots of vegan and vegetarian options, albeit heavy on Gardein brand mock meats. While it has had a series of hits and misses, we appreciate how often they refresh the menu. Breakfast comes and goes at this location, but they recently added several new breakfast options in the form of an egg white soufflé, ciabatta french toast, and a breakfast power wrap! Let’s explore this unique breakfastscape:

Sunshine Seasons 2018 Breakfast Menu 1

While breakfast at Sunshine Seasons made a triumphant return a few months ago, they recently changed the menu.

Sunshine Seasons 2018 Breakfast Menu 2

Broccoli & Egg White Soufflé – $7.99

egg white soufflé 2 sunshine seasons 2018
Served with a multi-grain croissant and a cup of fresh fruit.

egg white souffle close up sunshine seasons 2018

While we appreciate something different and that you can’t find absolutely anywhere else, those with larger appetites might find it small. The combination of broccoli and egg white is delicious. The plate comes with a fresh multigrain croissant and fresh fruit to round it out. The multigrain croissant is larger than a typical croissant, with a soft fluffy interior. The condiments bar has a couple of varieties of jam (Smuckers, of course.)

The Walt Disney World standard fruit cup has fallen from mediocrity to disappointment. Every fiscal year has seen a change for the worse: full strawberry to half strawberry, removal of all strawberry matter, removal of pineapple. Fiscal 2019 brings us deletion of one grape, from 3 grapes to 2. The WDW fruit cup now has melon, cantaloupe and 2 grapes.  If you enjoy these low-cost fruit, you will find this standard fruit cup fresh and enjoyable. For the rest of us, we should ask about substituting breakfast potatoes when ordering.

This is a solid vegetarian breakfast, aside from the fruit cup. A great option for those looking for a light and healthy start at Epcot.

Breakfast Power Wrap – $8.49

breakfast power wrap plate Sunshine Seasons 2018
Spinach Wrap with Wild Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, Avocado and Tofu.

breakfast power wrap sunshine seasons 2018

This is weird for us meat-eaters. Vegans will likely be overjoyed with this hearty wrap, but others will find the combination of flavors awfully strange. Tofu replacing eggs, the inclusion of blueberries, and a spinach wrap will likely scare off the less adventurous eaters, but I imagine that anyone ordering this has had something similar outside of Walt Disney World. The portion is huge and could be shared by two people who don’t have huge appetites.

And as for that Walt Disney World standard fruit cup… consider yourselves warned.

Ciabatta French Toast – $8.29

ciabatta french toast sunshine seasons 2018 2
Served with your choice of bacon or sausage.

Ciabatta offers a much crunchier French Toast than one might be accustomed to, but once you get past that, this is a fun take on the often soft breakfast bread. While I can eat french toast without syrup typically, I felt this version benefits from the sweet addition given the firmer exterior. There’s a lot of French Toast at counter service breakfast locations, but this is a nice diversion from the norm.

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