Tokyo Disneyland Closes Down “Misused” Photo Spot

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Tokyo Disneyland has a bit of a reputation for being strict when it comes to photography (among being strict with rules for just about everything), but they are also known for having the most well-behaved guests in the world. While this may come as a culture shock to some who live and die behind the screen of their smartphone or camera, it is common to see cast members kindly ask guests to put down their devices.

They continue to crack down on this, with evidence from the latest restriction popping up. There is a photo spot consisting of a group of boxes in Mickey’s Toontown. This has become a very popular spot to take photos for social media (are you having purple wall at Walt Disney World flashbacks right now?). However, due to the fact that many guests were climbing on top of the unstable boxes, this area has now been fenced off.

Photo credit to My Game News Flash

As My Game News Flash reports, photos such as the ones above which have been circulating Instagram, lead to the area being closed.

Tokyo Disneyland Roped off
Photo Credit to Twitter User @Disney_Mickey_W

As Twitter User @feali_safuli points out, it was very clear from the beginning that the boxes were not meant to support adults climbing on top of them. They rather are meant to be opened by guests, after which they emit some comical noise. These boxes can also be found at Disneyland in Anaheim, but they have not become a social media craze there.

Tokyo Disneyland Prop
Photo Credit to @feali_safuli

I know that many of us who frequent the parks in America would enjoy seeing this kind of enforcement of rules over in the States. What are your thoughts? Is it all fun and games or is it time to lay down the rules on this kind of behavior?

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  • A rare misdesign in Tokyo Disneyland..
    Rebuild them more solidly..
    And hey when does the mouse build a DisneySea (the best Disney park!!) next to Disneyland in Anaheim??

  • I wish ALL DISNEY Parks did this. Too many parents not wanting to be ‘PARENTS’ or grown ups who have to act like immature idiots is the main problem! And when they get ‘hurt’ it’s DISNEY’s FAULT!

  • “I know that many of us who frequent the parks in America would enjoy seeing this kind of enforcement of rules over in the States… is it time to lay down the rules on this kind of behavior?”

    Time for what? To enforce rules to stop people sitting on wooden boxes?!? Are you out of your mind?!?

  • Hmm. having been to Tokyo Disney a couple of times and yes rules can be strict I have a different take. I saw Japanese doing things there that they probably cannot or would not do outside the park without “losing face” or in our terms..cultural embarrassment. What ever the real reason it probably had to with some comment made to management about the photos being disrespectful in some way. On the other hand I saw animatronics that were not behind any barrier and no person or child would dare to touch them. It was kind of refreshing. Rules and respect work in mysterious ways.

  • I think it’s very much needed over here in the states. I see so many kids and even adults that should know better climbing onto unstable objects or things that you are just meant to stand next to and take a picture by like these boxes here in toon town. I think the one thing that I found the most disturbing was when my mom and I were getting ready to disembark from the Mark Twain riverboat and you know how at the entrance/exit there are white support beams that go in a diagonal direction? Well one girl in her mid to late 20’s decided that she could place her foot along the side of this support beam and use it as her own personal workout stretch spot. In the 26 years that I have been going to Disneyland, I have NEVER seen anything like it. So yes, I would be very happy if some of the rules that are enforced at Tokyo Disneyland are enforced here in the states.

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