Disney Springs AMC Dine-In Theaters to get Major Upgrade

AMC® Disney Springs 24 Dine-In Theatres
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It has been announced that the AMC at Disney Springs 24 is due for some exciting new upgrades!

The upgrades will include an expansion on the number of dine-in theatres at the complex, whilst the existing dine-ins will benefit from new recliner seating, an update to MacGuffins bar, remodeled restrooms, and a revamp of the Marketplace concession area.

Work is due to start on January 7, and will take place in phases. This means that the theater will remain open ready for all the upcoming Disney movies we can’t wait to be released this year. Popcorn at the ready!

For more information from us about Disney Springs’ prime movie-watching location in West Side, click here.

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This is great news, it was long overdue as it was getting quite dated in my opinion.


All of our local theatres now have recliner seating and we love it!!