Mickey Ice Cream Bars Now Available Outside Disney Parks from Select Grocers

Get ready, because everyone’s favorite Disney frozen treat will soon be available at a grocery near you! Remember the Mickey Oreos that debuted last year? Well, in a similar vein, Nestle has partnered with Disney to bring Mickey Premium Bars to the public via a limited-edition grocery line.

mickey premium bars box nestle

The boxes are themed after the Mickey: The True Original exhibition and feature Classic Mickey.

Each box brings 6 classic Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Mind you, they are scaled down for at-home indulging, but we’re sure they’re every bit as tasty and magical as the ones in the parks. These bars come in at 3 oz. each, whereas the park ones are about 4 oz. each.

At best, you’ll be saving money, given how prices on these beloved treats have risen exponentially over the years. The box of 6 only costs $7.49.

Here are the nutrition facts for these bars:

mickey premium at home bars nutrition facts

Versus the in-park bars:

mickey premium park bar nutrition facts
Calories don’t count at Disney, right? Image courtesy of Livestrong.

Best of all, if you live in Arizona, you can now order these treats and have them DELIVERED through Instacart’s partnership with Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets. California residents have also reported availability at Ralph’s Grocery. We expect these to be rolled out to supermarkets across the country soon.