PHOTOS: Edna Mode Billboard, Bakery Signage, and More Decor Added for “An Incredible Celebration” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Ahead of its January 18 debut, more new show elements have been spotted around the “An Incredible Celebration” area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We showed you the first two a few days ago, as you might recall.

Two smaller billboard are up on either side of the entrance gate to the former Pixar Place.

A large billboard promoting The Edna Mode Experience is up.

This is over the former “Shootin’ Gallery” where guests met Toy Story characters. You will now be able to head inside and meet Edna Mode.

Signage is up for “Bakery” at the former Hey-Howdy-Hey Take-Away food service spot. Guests will be able to pick up Jack-Jack Cookie Num-Nums here, as well as the Hero Sandwich and Mrs. Incredible’s Mask with Cheese.

Last night, we also caught Disney testing multi-colored lighting on the trees along “Pixar Avenue”. This should find some use in the evenings for this event.

“An Incredible Celebration” opens January 18th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.