Park Specific Reusable Bags Coming to Walt Disney World Soon, Plastic Bags No Longer Offered

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As we reported back in October regarding the new World of Disney reusable bags, it appears Disney is making moves to implement these throughout the resort with park-specific themed bags.

World of Disney Reusable Bags walt disney world
World of Disney Reusable Bags

As they will be themed, the bags will likely feature park icons and attractions pertaining to each park. The cute designs will surely help dissuade irate guests who otherwise dislike reusable bags, as each of the four park-centric designs will be unique.

Like the World of Disney bags, these reusable totes will likely cost in the $1 to $2 range, depending on size. Following Disney’s effort to reduce its use of single-use plastics by the end of the year, they’ll also be made from 80% recycled material.

If you’re having merchandise delivered to your Disney Resort hotel from the parks, plastic bags will still be used.

Stay tuned as we’ll be on the lookout for these bags once they start getting rolled out!

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  1. I went to my local Disney store around Christmas and was told i would have to purchase a bag or just carry out my 2 items i wanted to buy. I told them i was not paying for a bag and therefore I did not want to purchase the items any longer.
    I am a huge Disney collector and travel to the WDW yearly but this is the 1st year since 2001 that I will not be going. Too many costly changes that negatively affect me!!
    Such BS Disney is today.

    1. I’m sure Disney will be totally upset and concerned about their profits now that YOU will no longer be going to their parks or the their stores, but you are on a site about Disney and reading news about Disney.

      1. DT, he’s not on a Disney site that is making Disney money, so what’s your point. He’s just reading news, he didn’t say he hated or will never go again.

    2. Costly? Their large bags are literally 99 cents. Y’all are being ridiculous. If you don’t want to pay (and you don’t have to), bring your own bags. That’s the point. Good on Disney for this. I’d rather not be drowning in a world overflowing with plastic in ten years.

      1. Right John only $1 so what. Keep paying so Iger can get his 80% pay increase. So Disney’s bottom line in the billions can continue to grow. Bring back disposable paper bags then, why do consumers have to pay for this, ridiculous!

  2. Plastic bags bag Will still be offered if. But the reusable bags will be offered if you want them.

  3. This is misleading you do not have to buy them but they are offered to you at Disney’s price they paid for them for your convenience. They are very sturdy and hold a lot.

  4. This article is very misleading and has created quite a negative stir on Facebook. The author should do more investigating to clear up the misunderstandings and let everyone know that they aren’t being FORCED to purchase a bag or have to carry their purchases through Magic Kingdom. If the purpose of this article was to create negative remarks toward Disney, it worked.

    1. Whatever the policy is at World of Disney is not going to carry to all 4 parks and all resorts. If they hand out bags, they’ll never sell one of these. Disney even specifically said they will be eliminating the plastic bags. If there is a transition period where you can still get them, that is understandable. We also work very hard to obtain information for our stories and I think the world knows Disney is less than forthcoming with further information on any piece. We simply reported a story about reusable bags, that’s not something we anticipated getting such a negative response honestly and to declare that we created a story to create ill-will towards a brand we obviously love is irresponsible and non-sensical.

      1. Tom, since you’re apparently an expert on making entire sites around things you want to make people hate, can you assist me in making a site about the Baby Shark song?

          1. Actually I’ll just ask Nick for help. He probably knows more about the Baby Shark song since that’s all his dates want to listen to.

      2. Plastic bags are here to stay. Not just for a “transition period”. Just went through the training module for it; this point was stressed. Shipping to park gates, resorts, and home shipping all will remain plastic, and the clear bags as well.
        Source: Merchandise CM.

        1. Disney should probably correct their press release from last year then. Sadly I have to use the corporate release over this information. I’ll be happy to update it once something officially happens.

          1. The official July announcement Disney made did say “reducing plastic shopping bags”, not “eliminating plastic shopping bags”. However, even that had some misreports.

          2. I think the reason why some have been interpreting it as if the bags are going to be phased out as well as other SUPs is because of how Bob Chapek phrased himself in the July announcement, yet the infographic is more accurate to what Disney’s intentions are. The infographic specifically mentioned that the food service plastics (straws, lids, coffee stirrers) were going to be phased out by mid-2019, while the plastic bags were merely going to be reduced, implying that they will still be available seeing as it had an open-ended goal, but of course, the reusables will be promoted as an option and CMs will probably start to only dish out plastic if a guest requests it.

  5. Are they discounting your purchase for the cost of the plastic bags?

    Win-win for Disney you buy the a bag and they don’t have to provide a plastic bag (of which the cost is built into their markup)

    1. No discounts on the bags, or your purchase for the bag price. $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, for small, medium, large. Ten item limit per SKU.

  6. Lol at all these Americans complaining – here in the UK we charge 10p for all plastic carrier bags and encourage people to buy or bring their own reusable bags.

    Don’t want to pay? Then bring your own bags, it’s really not that hard.

    1. Exactly. USA is one of biggest polluters of plastic, yet is in the dark ages when it comes to trying to resolve the issue….and I thought the USA was supposed to be progressive. Bring your own bags #simples

      1. Wrong, India and China are. They won’t change their ways. Go complain to them, then complain to the USA.

        1. I will echo what some other UK residents have said. UK law now enforces a charge for plastic carrier bags in most instances so reusable bags are now very common in the UK. It is a very cynical view that Disney are in this for the money. The environment is the important issue here, not a retailer charging for reusable bags.

  7. Bought one on the last day of my trip. It ripped before I made it to the airport. Don’t waste your moilney. It’s not sturdy enough to be reusable.

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