REVIEW: Cookies ‘n Cream Bread Pudding – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disney California Adventure

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Time to get your grub on and commemorate another glorious celebration at Disneyland Resort. “Get Your Ears On” marks Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s legendary 90-year legacy. Magical music, merchandise, and mousey decor dominate the Disney Parks from Friday, January 18, until May, 2019. There’s a fair bit of creative new food to try as well.

Cookies ‘n Cream Bread Pudding – $5.39

A visit to Disneyland is hardly complete without a compulsive amount of sugary goodness. The “Get Your Ears On” Celebration offers ample opportunity to splurge on sweets. It is with a heavy heart, and shortness of breath, that we recommend you give the new bread pudding creation a pass. Available at Pacific Wharf Café, inside Disney California Adventure, Cookies ‘n Cream Bread Pudding is a wholly charming concept. Topped by condensed milk, whipped cream, and crushed chocolate cream-filled cookies, and fashioned in the shape of the beloved mouse, sadly it makes a far better idea than edible.

With classic Disney charm and creativity, this offering is a clever way to incorporate a delicious Boudin Bakery item into the festivities. With regret, this dish takes advantage of neither the bakery’s signature sourdough brilliance, nor the moist deliciousness one comes to expect and appreciate in a proper bread pudding. The tastes involved here are surprisingly subtle, and it lacked in overall gooeiness.

At the risk of harshing upon a delightful Disney creation, it’s just difficult to appreciate dry bread pudding with all the wonderful new “Get Your Ears On,” Valentine’s Day, and now Lunar New Year items with which the resort is resplendent. It’s rather filling, we’re hesitant to even suggest trying it for the novelty. Honestly, the issue lies in the fact we have already tried the “Funnel of Love” Strawberry Cheesecake over in Frontierland. Through that heavenly, strawberry-slathered filter, it’s difficult to reflect charitably upon anything else.

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You might need to go back and try this one again. I had it and thought it was really good, wasn’t dry at all. I actually thought it tasted better than the Valentine’s funnel cake, but maybe I got a bad funnel cake.