REVIEW: Purple Rose and Purple Churro Treats at Disneyland Park

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The season of purple is in full force at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. We previously reported on the full list of Potion Purple treats last week. Now that they’re here, I had the opportunity to try the Purple Rose and some of the purple treats offered in Disneyland Park. You can now buy a treat to go with the purple merchandise that you purchased online or at one of the stores at the Disneyland Resort.

Purple Rose – $6.99 at Red Rose Taverne

The Purple Rose
The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose treat is a blueberry mousse with a blackberry, currant, and lemon center. This treat was nice to look at, but at the price point it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The lemon was tart, but the blueberry mousse was overly sweet. Overall, it is pretty to look at (Disney did tout the “Instagrammable” nature of these treats in their official release on the Disney Parks Blog), but probably not the best dessert you are going to eat during your next visit.

Red Rose Taverne has not only the Purple Rose, but also Lavender Milk Tea for their Potion Purple treat options.
Red Rose Taverne has not only the Purple Rose, but also Lavender Milk Tea for their Potion Purple treat options.

Purple Churro – $5.25 at the Churros near Haunted Mansion Cart

Purple Churro
Purple Churro

The first thing you would notice if you read the guide to purple treats article is that this churro is at the wrong churro cart. The listed destination was the churro cart in Critter Country. In fact, the first day of purple food and treats, last Friday, cast members reported to guests that they did not have the churro available yet and didn’t know when it would be coming. The following day, Saturday, I was able to score one of these churros, but from the wrong cart. The churro itself is a solid churro. It just has purple colored sugar on it, so it’s not drastically different from a regular churro.

Purple Churro - $5.25
Purple Churro – $5.25

If you go to Disneyland in the coming weeks for the purple churro, remember that Disney might realize that they made a mistake and move the purple churro over to the cart that they mentioned in their press release. If they do move it, it’s only a minute or two walking further to over by the Hungry Bear restaurant. The purple fish tacos are not available until January 18 according to a Cast Member I spoke to about them. If you have tried any purple treats let us know what you thought about them in the comments below.

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