Wilderness Lodge Reunion Station DVC Lounge Closing On February 3


Wilderness Lodge Reunion Station DVC Lounge Closing On February 3


Wilderness Lodge Reunion Station DVC Lounge Closing On February 3

Reunion Station, the Disney Vacation Club Lounge at Wilderness Lodge Resort, will be removing its add-on food-and-beverage lounge services on February 3. The lounge was a part of the expansion at Wilderness Lodge that included the nearby Boulder Ridge Cove Pool and Geyser Point Bar & Grill.

Wilderness Lodge Reunion Station Lounge

The lounge offered Disney Vacation Club members inclusive food-and-beverage lounge services as an add-on feature if they were staying in any Disney Vacation Club accommodation type at Boulder Ridge Villas or Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. However, while lounge service is stopping at the Reunion Station, Cast Members have informed DVC members that paid activities and workshops will continue.

These “Membership Extras” might not have paid off as well in the long run as Disney might have hoped. Although the Reunion Station was meant to be an exclusive private lounge with added amenities for members, the popularity and accessibility of it may not have attracted members to attend if they weren’t already staying at Wilderness Lodge. Other lounges that are located in the theme parks allow for more accessibility and are at no added cost to use.

What do you think about the removal of the add-on lounge service? Let us know in the comments.

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20 thoughts on “Wilderness Lodge Reunion Station DVC Lounge Closing On February 3”

  1. I have stayed at WL as a DVC member twice in the last year. I didn’t know anything about this place until reading about it just now. So there’s that! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I was never there but, i do enjoy going to the members only lounges. And i do go to the other ones. Maybe it wasn’t Easily Accessible. I hate to see sometbing close. I hope they reopen it as something for members

  3. Shocked it took this long to close. Maybe had theynot canceled the free member mixers they had originally announced people could have experienced it and then maybe would have seen some value in the $50 a day.

  4. The price was absurd – $50 per day per person. I could use that money toward a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant on property. I would even question $50 per room per day – but we would have considered it at that price. Not sure who dreamed the idea up, but they were clearly not in touch with guests.

  5. I, as a DVC member for over 13 years now feel that this should have been a perk of DVC, not a charge. I pay enough already.

  6. I thought it was another money grab on Disney’s part so I’m not surprised it’s closing with the price they were asking.

  7. Glad to see it go. As a DVC member, we are already paying for these extras and it’s taking advantage of its members to expect us to pay more. It’s bad enough we don’t even get a DVC discount at the lounge there, especially being located at a DVC hotel and was added when they extended the DVC side

  8. A cast member told me today this was the brainchild of a new, young executive who really doesn’t understand the client/audience.

    Probably the same person that turned the background music at WL from something great into something you’d hear on an elevator in a department store.

  9. I’m OK with it. I was annoyed that there was an extra charge to use it – and the price was steep in my opinion. Did not really feel like a ‘perk’ to me.

  10. DVC costs enough at current levels. These “add ons” should be perks, not additional “money grabs” by Disney from some of it’s most loyal customers.

  11. My mom and I were able to go because they allowed us a single day reservation. We went there on Jan 3rd from the Contemporary for breakfast and then again for dinner, decided it was a good way to avoid the heavy crowds at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We were the only 2 there for the whole day. Apparently the next day there was another family who made a single day reservation. The girl was super nice, but she did try to make it perceive to be more popular than it was. She said a good number of local DVC members would come at night to drink and watch the fireworks, but I think she conflated that with the guests who eat at the grill next door.

  12. It was not an appropriate cost, and was clearly not a benefit. As said below, free member mixers were a good idea, but this charging for every little thing -and exorbitant rates at that- is getting tiresome for all members.

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