Jurors Award $24K to Woman After Walt Disney World Cast Member Ran Over Her Foot With a Food Cart

A woman has been awarded $24,000 after she claimed that a Walt Disney World cast member ran over her foot with a food service cart, according to the Courtroom View Network. 

Jessica Wilson claimed that she suffers from debilitating complex regional pain syndrome, a nerve condition that causes chronic pain, after the cast member ran over her foot in a food court at the Art of Animation Resort in 2013.

Wilson’s lawyer, Nelson Tyrone, told jurors last week that the cart ran over Wilson’s foot while she was turning around from a condiment station. Although Wilson initially alleged that the cart ran over her foot twice, expert testimony about the difficulty of a cast member running over her foot even once with the cart shed doubt on the story.

A defense attorney also claimed that Wilson’s injury was not as severe as she claimed, noting an expert testified that her symptoms did not match those of complex regional pain syndrome.

During the hearing, Wilson’s lawyer asked the jury to award her $11 million, saying she will suffer life-long pain and require life-long medication and treatment as a result of the accident.

Jurors on Thursday awarded Wilson $59,840 of her $11 million request. A subsequent verdict that declared Wilson, not the cast member, was largely responsible for the accident means that award will be reduced to about $24,000.

Disney has faced multiple lawsuits over the years from guests who claim they were injured in the parks.

Just last month, an annual passholder filed a lawsuit after she said she was run over by a motorized scooter last year in Epcot.