PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/17/19 (Tomorrowland Speedway, New Steamboat Willie Plush, and Splash Mountain With Even More Splash, ETC.)

Here we are, back at it again in the Magic Kingdom. Let’s see what’s new today!

Construction Projects

There’s quite a bit of dirt being moved just on the outside of the park. The berm behind Carousel of Progress is being dug up and moved around.

What this is all for, I’m not sure, but it’s a pretty big project considering they haven’t announced anything about it.

Inside the park, the floor replacement at Cosmic Ray’s is coming along nicely. Bay 1 is now finished and looking fresh.

Bay 3 is up next for refurbishment. This is the larger of the three areas, so it will probably be closed for a bit longer than the previous bays.

The Tomorrowland Speedway is still closed for track work. It will re-open this spring.

They’ve had a Cast Member stationed here every day, mostly to alert people to the fact the attraction is closed. Usually they just have a little pin trading board, but today, the Cast Member was having a bit more fun. He was playing a form of Three-card Monte with passersby. He had two cones and you just had to pick one, revealing the prize underneath. You can see a short video below.

Work on the Tomorrowland Speedway seems to have slowed a bit. They’re still moving dirt, but it’s not as dramatic as when it first started.

I believe the yellow tape on the tree indicates that it’s marked for removal.

Since the WDW Railroad is going to be down for the duration of the Tomorrowland Speedway construction, they seem to be taking the time to replace a lot of the track. Here’s hoping for a smooth ride when it reopens.

Casey Jr. Splash n’ Soak Station in Fantasyland is down for a much-needed refurbishment. Workers are wasting no time. It should be looking fresh and clean for Spring Break.

The crane is still behind Cinderella Castle. They should be almost finished removing the lights from the holidays.

No sign of lights from the back.

The Sword in the Stone is under a tarp these days. I’ve been told they only take it off for the sword-pulling ceremony during the day. Not sure the reasoning behind this, but it looks kind of tacky in my opinion.

Can we add this to the #WDWNTfix list? This poor sign looks like it’s been sitting in a scrap yard for several years and could use some love.


We showed you a while back that Disney had a new line of knitted plush hitting store shelves, the “Classic Cozy Knits” collection. Well, today we found the newest releases: Mickey and Minnie circa Steamboat Willie.

Mickey is in his Steamboat Willie outfit, and Minnie is in her classic 1928 style. They’re $27.99 each.

Do you like Dole Whip? Adventureland has it in every form possible, even plush!

If I had to place bets on what pins wouldn’t make the transition from the black card-backs to the new white ones, the logo from 2015’s Tomorrowland film would definitely be on the list. Color me surprised.

I’m glad to see Oswald is sticking around, though.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We may have not gotten a Disneyland-style celebration, but at least Walt Disney World acknowledges the holiday. We found a couple of touches around the parks for the holiday.

This lovely display of Disney couples sketches was up in the Main Street Cinema! Adorable.

In closing, I leave you with this lovely sight: Splash Mountain operating at 110% splash.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for the next Magic Kingdom photo report.