PHOTOS: Tron Coaster Construction Update at the Magic Kingdom

Construction continues at Magic Kingdom for the upcoming Tron Lightcycle Power Run. Work is taking place just outside of Tomorrowland, north of Space Mountain. There are a few notable changes since our last update.

The crane has been here for about two weeks now, and it makes quite an impression. You can see it from many places in the park.

This is the view of the site from the roof of the Contemporary Resort. As you can see, the footprint is rather large.

The piles of dirt are much smaller than they had been, and you can get a view of the concrete foundation for the track supports. Just in front of that, surrounded by orange safety netting, appears to be a sub-level or basement of some sort.

Viewing the site from ground level gives you a better idea of how massive it is.

You can see workers on the far side of the foundation for scale.

Here’s a much better view of the foundation. Those steel rods sticking out of the concrete will be part of either a concrete pillar or will help support the track.

It’s kind of funny seeing a crane so massive being used to transport something as small as this, but whatever gets the job done, I suppose.

The area will eventually look very similar to this. We’re still a couple years away, but we can’t wait for the final product!9

We’ll keep you updated as the site progresses!

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